Constant bowel movement and burning bottom!!!

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Constant bowel movement and burning bottom!!!

Postby Staceydh08 » Mon Jan 18, 2021 7:37 pm

Please Help!
My Father ‘n’ law is having a very hard time right now. He was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer in 2018. After resecting and removing the cancer he was later informed the cancer had spread to numerous places throughout his body.
He was given the option to have a Reversal. As a family we thought that would allow him to live a better life and do more with the family before he gets worse.
BOY we were wrong!! It’s been a year since the Reversal and we are at a lost for words. His bottom is blistered and feels like it’s on fire! He’s tried every cream and prescription cream known to man. Powders don’t seem work either or we haven’t came across a good one yet. After every bowel movement he has to take a shower and rinse off then uses a hair dryer to ensure his bottom is dry. Then moments later he’s back to square one with no relief.

Please help. Any word of advise is a blessing at this moment in our life :(
1) What kind of food or meals seem to help lesson constant stops to the restroom?
2) What drinks to avoid?
3) Currently takes OTC Imodium and a prescription to try and control the bowels but isn’t working!! “Constant acidic diarrhea”!!!
4) Butt creams or powder that have helped you?
5) Should he eat more “Small frequent meals”?
6) Baths??

Please help and thank you fo listening.

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beach sunrise
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Re: Constant bowel movement and burning bottom!!!

Postby beach sunrise » Tue Jan 19, 2021 12:10 am

Sitz baths with baking soda and epsom salt will neutralize the bacteria and acid getting on his skin is what comes to mind (back from radiation days). Something like butt paste that is thick can protect the skin after its been cleaned and bad stuff neutralized.
Not an expert here just saying its one thing that might help.
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Re: Constant bowel movement and burning bottom!!!

Postby Green Tea » Tue Jan 19, 2021 1:18 am

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Re: Constant bowel movement and burning bottom!!!

Postby Rock_Robster » Tue Jan 19, 2021 3:39 am

Best resource I’ve found on this topic by far: ... urgery.pdf

Good luck!
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Re: Constant bowel movement and burning bottom!!!

Postby utahgal7 » Tue Jan 19, 2021 8:31 am


I agree with beach sunrise about sitz baths. Sitz baths were extremely helpful to me after radiation. If you can find a sitz bath basin that fits over toilet seat, that is much easier than having to constantly get into and out of the tub. Also, a peri bottle is helpful to rinse bottom after bowel movements. **Your father-in-law would need to ask his doctor if the following products are ok to use.** As far as creams go, I used a product called Boudreaux's butt paste (maximum strength) diaper rash ointment. It's super thick and it helped me. I have read that Calmoseptine ointment is good as well. Again, please ask the doctor. FYI, all of these products are available on Amazon. When I was having frequent loose bowel movements, my oncologist prescribed Lomotil (it's only available by prescription). As far as diet goes, my hospital's nutritionist was extremely helpful with food suggestions.
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Re: Constant bowel movement and burning bottom!!!

Postby itsfineimanurse » Tue Jan 19, 2021 9:10 am

*** Disclaimer: this is NOT medical advice***

Butt, I remember hearing stories when I first started working in healthcare that "the skins have never looked better" than when they used straight up Crisco shortening. It's thick, water resistant, and relatively cheap. I'm not sure if it actually works, but it's worth a shot, especially if nothing else is working *shrug*

I'm sorry he (and the rest of you) are suffering through it and I hope, if this doesn't work, that you find something that brings relief xx
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Re: Constant bowel movement and burning bottom!!!

Postby horizon » Tue Jan 19, 2021 11:25 am

Staceydh08 wrote:After every bowel movement he has to take a shower and rinse off then uses a hair dryer to ensure his bottom is dry. Then moments later he’s back to square one with no relief.

Would a bidet help with this? I've never felt cleaner after using one and it would hopefully negate the need for a shower after each bathroom trip.
I'm just a dude who still can't believe he had a resection and went through chemo (currently 9 years NED). Is this real life?

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Re: Constant bowel movement and burning bottom!!!

Postby Green Tea » Tue Jan 19, 2021 2:08 pm

Rock_Robster wrote:Best resource I’ve found on this topic by far:


Good luck!

Thanks, Rob, for the link. Excellent resource and very easy to use.

    Introduction -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1
    What happens to the bowel during surgery? ----------------------------------------- 1
    Normal bowel function and what can go wrong after bowel surgery --- 4
    Summary—Problems with bowel function after bowel surgery ------------ 5
    Flatus ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7
    Treating problems with bowel function
    1. Slow down your colonic transit time --------------------------------------------------7
    Diet -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8
    Fibre & fibre supplements --------------------------------------------------------------------- 9
    Medications ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10
    Stress management ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11
    2. Empty your bowel more effectively ------------------------------------------------- 11
    Good toileting habits ----------------------------------------------------------------------------11
    Assisting rectal evacuation ----------------------------------------------------------------- 12
    3. Improve your ability to “hold on” ------------------------------------------------------ 13
    Pelvic floor muscle training ------------------------------------------------------------------13
    Physical activity ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13
    Summary—How to improve bowel function -----------------------------------------13
    Skin care
    What causes perineal skin problems? ------------------------------------------------- 15
    How can perineal skin problems be prevented and treated? --------------- 15
    Cleaning the skin ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------15
    Preventing skin breakdown and assisting healing ------------------------------- 16
    Skin care products ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 16
    Types of products -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 16
    Applying creams, ointments and protective films -------------------------------- 17
    Summary—How to protect and heal the skin --------------------------------------- 17
    Sexual activity after bowel surgery ------------------------------------------------------ 19
    What if things are not getting better?--------------------------------------------------- 19
    Useful contacts ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------20
    Food chart ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 22


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Re: Constant bowel movement and burning bottom!!!

Postby Phillypatient » Sun Feb 14, 2021 3:14 pm

One thing to consider is a bidet. It cleans using water and even that temp can be controlled. I found it helpful because the constant wiping was a literal pain in the ass

Good luck
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Re: Constant bowel movement and burning bottom!!!

Postby tbt4snow » Wed Feb 24, 2021 12:32 pm

I use:
opium tincture once/day
Cholestyramine twice/ day
That help control my diarrhea most effectively.
Also having a washlet toilet seat help too.
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