Stage 4 Chemo Break??

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Stage 4 Chemo Break??

Postby csfl » Tue Jan 05, 2021 1:36 pm

My sister’s local oncologist recommended the “chemo for life” approach when she was diagnosed stage 4. (She did say that she could take short breaks occasionally.) We met with a doctor at MSK for a second opinion. He said that since nothing was showing on her most recent scan, he would be inclined to recommend a 3 month break and then re-scan. She has been tolerating the Folfiri pretty well after being taken off Folfox due to Oxi reaction. The MSK doc is supposed to talk to her local onc. My sister is nervous to stop chemo in case the cancer starts growing again. Any advice for chemo breaks for stage 4 patients?
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Re: Stage 4 Chemo Break??

Postby Claudine » Wed Jan 06, 2021 9:36 am

Good morning,
My husband (also stage 4) has been on break for a year now, after 18 cycles of Folfiri plus Avastin. His CEA values are rising but his scan his stable; his onc said, « we treat for quality of life, and we don’t treat numbers » and in the chart wrote that he recommends the break continues until something does show up on scan. He told my husband that studies do not show any benefit of doing chemo when the only sign of cancer is a high CEA.
I have to say, my husband is very happy not to have chemo; we also feel that should he need to resume it, the break gave his body lots of time to build his strength back up (he cycles a lot, 10-20 miles a day), grow back his hair and beard, and this way he did not develop resistance to a treatment that worked well for him.
Just a personal opinion, but we’re all for a break! His onc does not seem to be a « chemo pusher », either...
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Re: Stage 4 Chemo Break??

Postby Brearmstrong » Wed Jan 06, 2021 8:14 pm

I have also been on chemo break since last surgery in August. Microscopic cancer cells were found in the wash during surgery but I had been on chemo for four years so my oncologist has me on a break to regain strength and weight, etc. i also was lucky to have Signatera testing but after surgery was still slightly positive at 0.1. So, we know it will show up again at some point. It is scary but just trying to squeeze the most out of this time for as long as it lasts. Surreal though to feel like a normal person again.
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