Regorafenib Trade Name: Stivarga bob.

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Re: Regorafenib Trade Name: Stivarga bob.

Postby Gloriamazz » Wed Dec 23, 2020 5:02 pm

Hi Green Tea,

You sure are knowledgeable. I don’t understand why she didn’t use Avastin. I had an ulcerated toe has been healed since February and Oncologist knows that because she is always asking me about it.

I have an appt set up with her January 5, 2021 before supposed to take Regorafenib.

My surgeon didn’t do me a favor by not telling to get Chemo. He didn’t think it was necessary but if I wanted it he would give it to me.

I knew nothing about the process and regime of cancer
He kept saying If it were my mother I would not. Even with the Barbie Butt he encouraged that because of the distance from anal gauge.

I read that drug is given to patients who have a few months to live and it works on one out of four.

It depends on what Oncologist says I may just go for second opinion. I think she is too cautious

Why should I go on a last choice drug when a sore that has long since healed a long time ago. Does. Not make sense.

What does wanting high proteins mean when mine are normal. I would think normal would be good.

I have been with the colon club for two years and you are the first one I really connected to.

Do you have a signature?

Thank you I am beginning to understand

Have a beautiful Christmas and I hope you know how much I appreciate ecverything you have done.
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