Stage 4 Diagnosis with Liver Resection curious about "Maintenance"

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Stage 4 Diagnosis with Liver Resection curious about "Maintenance"

Postby missb2020 » Fri Nov 13, 2020 9:57 am


Background my DH was diagnosed Feb 2016 at 45 with Stage IIB Colon Cancer with no Lymph node involvement. Had surgery to remove the mass in colon and did 6 months of Xeloda. Fast Forward to April 2020 and routine scan showed 7CM Liver met in right lobe of liver. Did 2 months chemo and tumor shrank some . Had Surgery and removed entire right lobe of liver as well as gallbladder and several lymph nodes. All margins were clear and again no lymph nodes involved. CEA dropped to 0.8 after surgery.

We are 12 weeks post liver surgery and he has been doing chemo ( oxaliplatin and 5fu) has had 4 treatments so far post surgery. Oncologist wanted to introduce Erbitux and eventually move to just it. He had a horrible reaction to it so that is off the table. Next treatment they are introducing Avastin .

My question is if he continues to show NED will he still stay on a maintenance chemo ? DR has been really vague when he asks about how long he will receive treatments.

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Re: Stage 4 Diagnosis with Liver Resection curious about "Maintenance"

Postby Ehut » Fri Nov 13, 2020 3:08 pm

After my surgery, I had 8 follow up "mop up" chemo sessions and that has been it other than close surveillance for a few years. My oncologist offered maintenance chemo, but I declined. Still here 8 years later with no recurrence.
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NED for 8+ years and counting!

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