Update - Stage 3b, mid-CAPOX

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Update - Stage 3b, mid-CAPOX

Postby Readerokie » Mon Jul 20, 2020 10:47 pm

My husband is now 2 months out from his colon resection a CD is finishing Round 2 of his CAPOX 3- month regimen. So far, so good. The main side effect is nausea, which he controls well with medical marijuana. He's actually put on some weight, and has the energy and drive that I remember from several years ago

We did freeze some sperm but the samples were very low- quality, good only for IVF. Our otherwise good healthcare won't cover that, so we've scraped enough together (and borrowed from family) for one IVF cycle. We start in September - fingers crossed!
5/20 Urgent surgery, blockage.Tumor, upper left colon. 9cc. G2. Adenocarcinoma. Clear margins.
5/20 Dx Stage 3b. T3N1aM0. 1/15 lymph nodes.
6/20 Began 4x CAPOX

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Re: Update - Stage 3b, mid-CAPOX

Postby margiej » Wed Jul 29, 2020 5:54 am

I am a 3b too and did six rounds of capox. Your husband is halfway...he will be done before you know it and this will be in the review mirror. So glad he is doing well...yay for medical marijuana. I think I would have fared better if I had some edibles! Very best of luck with IVF in September.
Dx CC 12/2015, age 57 at Dx
Stage IIIb: T3N1b
Adenocarcinoma, sigmoid colon, 2.5 cm - low grade, moderately differentiated
3/6 positive lymph nodes
laparoscopic colectomy 1/20/2016
Capox started 3/4/16 - Six rounds
CT-suspicious lymph 2/22/16
PET scan 2/24/16 clear
CT 6/8/16 clear
Clear Colonoscopy 3/2017 and 1/2020
CT 10/3/17 clear
CT 10/17/18 clear
CT 10/17/19 clear
CEA 12/17 1.7
5/16 3.8
7/16 1.9
3/17 1.3
10/17 1.2
4/18 1.6
11/18 1.2

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Re: Update - Stage 3b, mid-CAPOX

Postby Mugenabe » Thu Jul 30, 2020 1:51 pm

I am 3C, I was also prescribed 3 months CAPOX. Just finished my second round and on the week break. I’ve had side effects more on the second round but manageable. A little skeptical with the 3 month prescription being 3C but was recommended based on the latest IDEA analysis.
Nausea the first few days of infusion is pretty bad for me too. I need the nightly Olanzapine I was prescribed and MM during the day to cope with it. Swallowing is also a bit tough for 2 or so days.
5/13/20 colonoscopy, CT Scan - 5cm tumor found in sigmoid colon, no evidence in other organs, confirmed cancer
5/21/20 colectomy (partial resection) - waiting for staging
6/2/20 Pathology results 7/25 nodes positive Stage 3C T4aN2b
6/25/20 CAPOX 4 rounds CEA 2.5

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