Graduating To Yearly Scans!

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Graduating To Yearly Scans!

Postby hart2hart » Sat Jun 13, 2020 3:02 pm

My Pete who sees Dr. Kemeny at Sloan has graduated to yearly scans. Port and Hai are out and life is great except for the pandemic, etc. We are so grateful for this his wonderful support group......first one I met was Janie (many conversations,etc)
JulieJ, Kathy B, Brownbagger (Miss him dearly), Lisa and many more!
Thank you all. The biggest piece of wisdom we can pass-on to all in the fight......Keep fighting, ask a ton on questions, get more than one opionion-we had four and think out-of-box.
Please PM if any questions as Pete’s fight started in 2011. Hard to
believe we are in our 10th year. Special shout-out to JulieJ....
You doing well? Pump out? Love to All you here at CC!

Julie and Pete
Pete (hubby) Stage 3 VLRC - 11/11
Chemo/Rad/Ace Surgeon - 11/11 - 4/12
Oxi/Xeloda (Severe Toxicity to OXI) - 5/12 - 6/12
5Fu Only - 8/12 - 2/13
Liver Resection/Hai Pump/Folfiri/FUDR - 10/13 - 5/14
Lung Ablation (MSKCC) - 12/31/2014
Xeloda through 4/2015
NED - 1/2015 - 1/2020
Hai Pump/Port Removed - 1/2020

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Re: Graduating To Yearly Scans!

Postby boxhill » Sat Jun 13, 2020 6:29 pm

Wow, that's fantastic news! Congratulations to both of you.

Many newly-diagnosed people or those whose doctors seem to have given up in advance will benefit from your story.
F, 64 at DX CRC Stage IV
3/17/18 blockage, r hemi
11 of 25 nodes,5 mesentery nodes
5mm liver met out
pT3 pN2b pM1
BRAF wild, KRAS G12D
7/18 CT NED
11/18 CT NED
12/18 MRI 5mm liver mass, 2 lymph nodes in porta hepatis
12/31/18 Keytruda
6/19 Multiphasic CT LNs normal, Liver stable
6/28/19 Pause Key, predisone for joint pain
7/31/19 Restart Key
9/19 CT stable
Pain: all fails but Celebrex
12/23/19 CT stable
5/19 MRI stable/NED
Suspend treatment

justin case
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Re: Graduating To Yearly Scans!

Postby justin case » Mon Jun 15, 2020 5:22 pm

What's up Jewels, glad to see he is still doing well !
7/11 diagnosed Stage 2 colon and rectal cancer
lar/temp ilio
Reversal & port removal
21 round of chemo Folfox 9tx, 5fu 12 tx
Last treatment July 2012

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Re: Graduating To Yearly Scans!

Postby DarknessEmbraced » Sun Jun 28, 2020 11:06 am

Congratulations! Wonderful news! :)
Diagnosed 10/28/14, age 36
Colon Resection 11/20/14, LAR (no illeo)
Stage 2a colon cancer, T3NOMO
Lymph-vascular invasion undetermined
0/22 lymph nodes
No chemo, no radiation
Clear Colonoscopy 04/29/15
NED 10/20/15
Ischemic Colitis 01/21/16
NED 11/10/16
CT Scan moved up due to high CEA 08/21/17
NED 09/25/17
NED 12/21/18
Clear colonoscopy 09/23/19
Clear 5 year scans 11/21/19- Considered cured! :)

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