Follow up after polypectomy.

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Follow up after polypectomy.

Postby JBell550 » Tue Nov 26, 2019 6:22 am

Hi everyone. I had a large polyp (3cm) removed 7 months ago. Thankfully just low grade dysplasia. Quite a bit of abdominal discomfort ever since. Just had follow up colonoscopy. It says

'3 clips still attached to site of previous polypectomy. This makes assessment difficult. ? Possible small residual polyp tissue. Multiple biopsies taken. If histology confirms positive adenomatous tissue, she will need repeat colonoscopy in 6 months time. Otherwise repeat colonoscopy in 3 years'.

So .... I know I've been lucky so far with this. But I have a few questions.

Could the clips have caused me some pain? Should they be removed?

Also if the histology doesn't show any polyp tissue - should I be content to leave it 3 years before another follow up? I'm not sure about this, especially considering the consultant says - that the presence of the 3 clips ' makes assessment difficult. ?'

I'd appreciate any thoughts or advice.

Many thanks

J x

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