phase 1 first in human

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phase 1 first in human

Postby jep » Thu Oct 10, 2019 10:19 am

Hey everyone . . . so my husband got a spot in a phase 1 "first in human" clinical trial. This is both exciting and nerve wracking . . . we just got the paper work and I need to read through everything and do some research. Just wondering if anyone has experience with a "first in human" trial . . . his will involve ABBV-151 and ABBV-181 (?). There are 2 parts to this study, and each patient is only enrolled in one. Just reaching out to see if anyone has any advice/experience to share. Thank you all!
Wife of DH (47) Stage IV CC on 5/16/17
T Loc: recto-sigmoid
T type: Adenocarcinoma
T size: 7.4 cm
T grade: G3
TNM code: T3N2M1
Pos LNs: 8 out of 20
Baseline CEA value: .9
LVI: present
Perineural invasion: present
LAR margins: clear (w/in microns)
Folfox (8/17-1/18)
Scope 6/18 - CLEAR! - 2 polyps removed
PET 10/17/18: 3 pos LNs
Irinotecan + Vectobix (started in 11/18)
CEA: 1.7 (2/19)
Xeloda + radiation (5/19)
Surgery scheduled: 8/21/19 (surgery aborted)

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