New V.P. of Operations and Communications (Colon Club)

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New V.P. of Operations and Communications (Colon Club)

Postby Jacques » Mon Oct 07, 2019 5:38 am

On October 2, 2019, TheColonClub wrote:The Colon Club is delighted to announce Nikki Moore as our next Vice President of Operations and Communications. Nikki joined the Colon Club family as a featured caregiver in the 2019 publication of our On the Rise magazine, and has been an active advocate in the colorectal cancer community.

Nikki was always the patient with ongoing medical needs in her relationship with her husband, Matt. Never did she think that she would go from being the patient in their relationship to being the caregiver, but a role reversal occurred the instant that he was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer. Despite the difficulties that they faced, Nikki and Matt encouraged people to appreciate the connections with those they love, celebrate the present, and live their lives with kindness. Matt left her with a challenge to carry on his legacy by paying it forward and by continuing to "Live Moore." Nikki raises their son, Cullen, with all the love and generosity that his dad left for him in her care.

As a licensed family therapist, Nikki will leverage her exceptional communication skills in her new role as our Vice President of Operations and Communications. She is an eloquent speaker and writer, and her extraordinary ability to connect with others make her an ideal add to our staff.

Please join us in congratulating Nikki Moore as the new Vice President of Operations and Communications.

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