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Help with Post Liver Surgery Treatments and Surveillance

Posted: Mon Aug 12, 2019 12:28 pm
by Peridot1
F/65 – Dx Mar 18
Stage IIIA (T2N1M0), ascending colon and 33 nodes removed, spread to 2 nodes
6/18 – 9-18: 8 cycles of FOLFOX, severe neuropathy, low blood counts, Zarxio injections
11/18 – 4 lesions in rt liver lobe, 1/19: surgery resection, false alarm, lesions benign
4/19: 1 lesion (1.7 cm) left liver lobe found by MRI, confirmed by biopsy and PET
4/19: Re-staged to T2N1M1A.
5/19: 4 cycles of FOLFIRI as neoadjuvant
7/19: MRI, PET scan showed tumor grew, but clean elsewhere
8/19: CT scan supports MRI, PET scans; tumor grew but clean elsewhere
8/13/19: liver resection planned.

Even though new, I find your postings very helpful. I am seeking information and help from your experience and knowledge regarding post surgery treatments and surveillance. Since FOLFOX and FOLFIRI did not stop metastasis,what other treatments have you taken, what has worked to your knowledge? What monitoring / supporting plans do you know of after surgery? Thoughts on Mediterranean diet, exercise program, anti-inflammatory agents, Vit D3, acupuncture, anything else? thank you very much for sharing your experience and knowledge.