Anyone who experienced pre-sacral tumor or surgery?

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Anyone who experienced pre-sacral tumor or surgery?

Postby e_enyedy » Fri Jul 05, 2019 6:10 pm

I have an inactive mass in my abdomen, right next to the anastomosis (sutures) of the colectomy I had over six years ago. PET/CT scan every three months confirmed the inactivity and the stability of the mass (no changes in size).
Some radiologists read it as adhesions, following surgery. Others read it as an unknown mass- PET scan shows no abnormal uptake.
My Oncologist suggests surgery to minimize the danger of malignant activity.

Masses n the presacral space are extremely uncommon- much more so if they are metastatic.
Large Hospital Centers have - on the average - one case in about every 50 000 admissions. Probably one case or less per year.
I wonder if somebody in this group has any experience with this kind of issue.
I welcome any and all ideas and opinions.

Thank you all

(PS: seeing the guy who did my colectomy sometimes next week)
77 yrs male (73 at Dx)
2/13 Dx Carcinoma, Sigmoid Colon
3/13 Sigmoid Colon Hemicolectomy,( 12"+)
3/13 Pathology Staging: T1N0M0; no follow-up chemo
5/15 Recurrence: in pre-sacral space -no other mets detected (Instantly became Stage IV)
5/15 Started 8 sessions of Folfox + Avastin
11/15 Finished chemo, PET/CT: NED
11/15 Started Xeloda+ Avastin every 3 weeks. Still Doing it.
Still NED -(Hope treatment keeps working)

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