Regorafenib + Nivolumab - Immunotherapy might work in MSS CRC

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Re: Regorafenib + Nivolumab - Immunotherapy might work in MSS CRC

Postby Pyro70 » Tue Aug 13, 2019 9:29 am

ForDad wrote:
Pyro70 wrote:Thank you for this post. It’s encouraging to hear that this regimen is more tolerable than FOLFOX or FOLFIRI. I’m helping to track a number of patients responses to this regimen for the MSS Facebook group. Hopefully you won’t mind sharing future updates on efficacy and side effects so that I can include you in the results as well. I plan to share the results here as well in a few months, once patients have their first scans.

Was the approval for Opdivo from BMS or your insurance? Do you mind also sharing what kind of insurance your dad has?

Best of luck with future scans! Also did your dad’s oncologist suggest this approach or did you have to push for it?

Many thanks!

Apologies for the slow reply, Ben. To answer your questions:

1) The approval for Opdivo came directly from BMS. My dad has Medicare and Medicaid.
2) Our oncologist recommended this approach. We did not bring it up with him.

Week 3 side effects: The fatigue is worse, and my dad also has quite a few mouth sores. (He also had mouth sores from FOLFIRI). My dad says that eating food feels like eating sand (gritty). His appetite isn't great but he is eating nonetheless. His voice is also soft and hoarse.

I will continue to update.

Thanks so much for the update. We are all hoping for you that this turns out to be the game changer we hope it to be. I’m very anxious to start seeing the first CT scan results for those trying this combo. You are certainly at the forefront of CRC treatment.

It’s encouraging to hear BMS approved Opdivo for a Medicare/Medicaid patient. According to the application form I’ve seen, it says they’ll only do it for private insurances.

All the best to you!
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