Large polyp removed

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Large polyp removed

Postby JBell550 » Fri May 17, 2019 5:58 am

Hi again,
My first ever colonoscopy found a large 3cm polyp. Initial biopsies were benign. I had it removed this week. This was tougher and more painful than I thought and hi had to stay over night due to low blood pressure and pain from a trapped air pocket. I am feeling better now, however I am starting to feel very anxious about the new biopsies. How likely is it that they will find cancer deep in the centre if the polyp? If so Is it likely to be at an early stage as it was seemingly encapsulated in benign tissue. The surgeon said little except that he was happy he had got it all out and burned away any 'Rough edges', all sealed with 5 clips. Has anyone experienced similar?
Thanks for your support - as always
Julie x

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Re: Large polyp removed

Postby Ron50 » Fri May 17, 2019 7:34 pm

Hi Julie ,
I was diagnosed with stage 3c colon over 21 years ago. Since then I have had around 14 follow up scopes with at least half of them producing polyps. My last one two years ago produced four polyps between four and eleven mm. The largest required three internal staples to control bleeding. All of them showed mild displaysia (pre-cancerous changes) but none showed any cancer cells. I am due for another scope now. You have been lucky that you seem to have caught it in time . Vigilence is now the key to your long term survival. Make sure your doctors are made aware and try and keep to a regular regime of surveillance scopes. All the best for the future. Ron.
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