Iron linked to colon cancer

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Iron linked to colon cancer

Postby mpbser » Thu Apr 04, 2019 2:57 pm

I never, in a million years, would have thought that there would be this kind of connection between iron and cancer:

My husband and I drink water from a spring on the top of a mountain in the Green Mountain National Forest. I happened to be up there one day collecting the water, as I drive up with our dozen or so bottles to periodically fill, when there was a local guy up there filling his bottles. He said that the water had been tested at some point and found to be completely, 100% pure EXCEPT for having high iron content.

I will be requesting that MSK test my husband's ferritin level. Hope that he has average storage and we can presume that the elevation in the water is not excessive.
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5/17 - Lap left hemi
5 x 4 x 1 cm
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2nd tumor 5.5 cm T1 N0
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5/18 CT clear
12/18 MRI shows 1 met in liver
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