disappearing nodes, lesions or tumors - mets or scars?

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disappearing nodes, lesions or tumors - mets or scars?

Postby Nordy1 » Sat Feb 09, 2019 3:24 pm

Hi All

When I was first diagnosed with cancer on my colon last year it was noted that I had indeterminate nodes on my liver, lungs and kidney, all smaller - largest being 1.2 cm. I was under the impression that they would be watched for 3 things - growth (potential cancer) shrinkage (potential cancer responding to chemo) or stagnant (potential scarring). Non of these were concrete but loose rule of thumb to watch for as infection was another possibility. On my second scan the nodes had disappeared and there was/is a big question of "were they or weren't they" mets. I was sent to ultrasound on Monday for a different look and low and behold the nodes are all still there. The ultrasound has not been able to clarify anything except they show bigger butt that could apparently be differences in measuring between ultrasound and CT scan. So now I'm back on Tuesday for a 3rd CT scan for yet another look. If that doesn't tell the story then I'm really not sure what the next step usually is or what I should ask for. If they are indeed mets then early intervention is supposed to be key which makes me uncomfortable with the "lets just wait for them to do something" approach. On the other hand I dont know anything....:(

I have learned that when nodes are under 1 cm they can seem to disappear but just not be visible in that particular scan but it sure doesn't help you feel confident in the process of scanning..

Any input from others on what the next step usually is from your experience?

jan 2018 emergency room via ambulance rectal bleeding event
dx Feb 2018 sigmoid adenocarcinoma 2.5 cm, 3 small extranodal foci resected march 2018
stage 3A T1 n1c
multiple indeterminent nodes in liver, lungs and kidney
11 rounds folfox with oxyplatin stopped with full nephropathy of hands and feet
currently waiting next scan in Feb. 2019

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