Lung Mets told. Inoperable. Need advice on options

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Lung Mets told. Inoperable. Need advice on options

Postby Donna wayne jake » Sat Feb 09, 2019 2:53 am

Hi I have 8 spots over both lungs and surgeon won't operate as they showed no shrinkage from chemo. Anyone in UK. Or anyone give advice what to do. I'm u der NHS. Not private. Biggest I think is 13mm.tbey did shrink a little with first 6 chemos. But I stopped. For 3 mo tha for liver surgery and scan showed the spots had regrown, and done another 4 chemos but kept stable only. I have kras. Ras etc

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Re: Lung Mets told. Inoperable. Need advice on options

Postby LPL » Sat Feb 09, 2019 1:56 pm

Hi Donna, while we wait for experts to comment.

My husband will have RFA (Radiofrequcy ablation) on lung lesion(s), (I’m not sure today if it will be done on 1 or 2.)
While looking on internet for info about ‘our’ doctor, who will be doing the RFA, I found that he had written this paper about a patient.
”10 years later, tolerance and efficacy are excellent; 23 lung metastases have been treated during 11 sessions without current relapse. Respiratory function and quality of life are not altered.” ... cal-out-1/

RFA can not be done if lesions/tumors are bigger than 30mm if I understand correct.. but it sounds as yours are smaller!? My husband’s lesions/CRCmets? are 11mm and 8mm. Both of them showed moderate SUVmax on PETscan. As I understand it because they have grown (very slowly) they might be mets but could be inflammation? :? Our doctors want to know for sure so that’s why hubby is scheduled for the ablation (a biopsi will be included).
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Re: Lung Mets told. Inoperable. Need advice on options

Postby stu » Sat Feb 09, 2019 2:54 pm

Hi Donna,

We are in the UK . You will need to check out with your oncologist if they can access funding for treatment not available in the UK if you wish to look into Laser treatment in Germany . It used to be done in London but to date I have not heard of anyone taking over . Correct me if this is wrong .
The Nice Guidelines cover the clinical criteria for Radio Frequency Ablation to see if that’s suitable for you .
Accessing funding and understanding criteria can be tricky in the NHS so if you have not done so I would access some help from Macmillan 0808 808 0000 to see if they can guide you regarding funding . Or Bowel cancer UK who have a specialist nurse who you can leave a message for .
Some people use Go Fund Me to access treatment .
Have you looked into Immuotherapy trials ? There is also one running in three locations for mms patients . One In GLASGOW , Manchester and a third somewhere else !! Might be worth looking into .
Keep pressing on ,
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