Still No Recurrence . . .

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Still No Recurrence . . .

Postby StDrogo » Wed Jan 16, 2019 2:26 am

Not sure what this is worth after we've lost everything, but my wife is still fine and apparently without disease. Should feel great—particularly after having to fight our oncologist eight months ago when he grossly misread a scan and falsely insisted that my wife had diffuse carcinomatosis (which resulted in me having to fight zealously to at least have a "palliative" metastasectomy of the remaining ovary—after they cut out many bits and bobs, my reading of the CT scan proved correct), but we're still profoundly depressed. All our peers are having children now, which is swell, but we can't even adopt for several years—and even then, supposing my wife survives, the fact we're Byzantine Catholics isn't going to do us any favors. So it goes . . .
Wife Age 33
02/17 dx Ovarian mass, ascites, pleural effusions
03/17 Resection of 16 x 20 cm ovarian mass; CEA = 10, CA125 = 180, CA19-9 = 36
04/17 Emergency surgery, diastatic perforation, purulent peritonitis, extended right hemicolectomy, well-differentiated adenocarcinoma in splenic flexure, 1/16 lymph
11/17 CT = NED, CEA < 1
12/17 CRS (peritoneal nodules of foreign body giant cell reaction, no evidence of malignancy; liver resection—1 cm FBGCR and .5 cm focal nodular hyperplasia), HIPEC

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Re: Still No Recurrence . . .

Postby Maggie Nell » Wed Jan 16, 2019 11:16 am

As I live in the godforsaken country of Australia, I thought I'd swing by and say g'day and
tell you that I'll put in a prayer for you and your wife to Bundjil, our great creator ancestor spirit.
DX April 2015, @ 54
35mm poorly diff. tumour, incidental finding following emergency r. hemicolectomy
for ileo-colic intussusception.
Lymph nodes: 0/22
T3 N0 MX
July 2019 : pending liver U/S, colonoscopy
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