My CRC with liver mets journey

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Re: My CRC with liver mets journey

Postby dmytroua » Tue Nov 03, 2020 3:22 am

Hi Gina, I'm a caregiver for my mom stage 4 crc and our story seems to be very similar to yours. We also had liver resection and first post op ct scan showed 3 new tiny liver mets. It was decided to do 3 cycles of xelox + avastin and then RFA them but scans after chemo was clear so there is nothing to rfa or operate so another 4 cycles and everithing was still clear. Tomorrow we will have ct scan 9 month from beeing ned hope it will come back clear but I'm not sure whats next as mom is still on chemo and struggling with side effects she does not want to be chemo for life. Sorry for my eng :oops:

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