Adenocarcinoma PT3,PN2

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Adenocarcinoma PT3,PN2

Postby ksraja » Tue Nov 13, 2018 6:49 am


My wife in her 30's was diagnosed Adenocarcinoma PT3,PN2 ,Background disease Crohns .
Tumor size: 2 * 2* 1.3 cm
Grade: 2
Microscopic Tumor extension : Tumor invading muscularis propria.

Can any one tell me is it dangerous? what are the treatments available? and how far we can cure it?

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Re: Adenocarcinoma PT3,PN2

Postby CrossfitChick1980 » Tue Nov 13, 2018 3:22 pm

Hello, my husband was diagnosed at 31 years of age with adenocarcinoma in the small bowel. From my signature, we have run the gamut of chemotherapies. He was actually NED after folfiri chemotherapy (5fu and iritican). He has never had the cancer return to his colon and has had the most complications from liver Mets. He is currently being treated with y90 and Lonsurf. We are also currently looking at immunotherapy and clinical trials. Sorry you have to be here due to your wife's diagnosis but this group has always been a resource for me and my husband.
Caregiver to DH dx with Adenocarcinoma of Small Intestine
Mar14- Small Bowel Resection (dx @31)
May14-Oct14: Folfox
Apr15- Liver mets
Jun15- Xeloda/Oxalyplatin
Oct15- Folfiri/Avastin
Dec15- Liver Mets, lymph nodes shrinking.
Apr16- Liver mets gone! lymph nodes stable
Jun16- Avastin/Xeloda (MSS, KRAS)
Jul16- Maintenance Chemo
Jun18- Cancer is back in liver
Sep18- Lonsurf
Oct18- Therasphere txment (failed)
Dec18- Folfiri/Avastin
Dec 22 2018- He is no longer suffering- My Love is sleeping in Peace

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Re: Adenocarcinoma PT3,PN2

Postby Nohogirl » Tue Nov 13, 2018 6:13 pm

Hello and Welcome to the board. Sorry about your wife's diagnosis. I imagine the shock and devastation you are in right now as I was in the same spot not too long ago.
I am not a doctor, therefore I can't give you any medical advice. I can only tell from our own experience. It sounds that your wife's tumor is stage3. Depending on the location of the tumor treatments may be different. If your wife's tumor is located in the rectum, neoadjuvent chemo and radiation is most likely to take place before surgery, then surgery and more chemo thereafter. If the scans don't show any distant metastases Xelox or Folfox are the standard adjuvant chemo treatments (as far as i know). If the tumor is not in the rectum, surgery is normally the first step.

Did your wife have any scans to rule out any distant spreads?

Please keep in mind that no two cancers are the same,
and they can act differently in different people even if its in the same location and same stage. I've seen different people with same cancer having different routes in their battle and different outcoms depending on many unknown factors or perhups just luck.

The most important thing in this cancer battle is to be in good doctors hands and be well informed about each step and treatment.

As you read more stories in this forum and go through members signatures, you will see that there are many survivors who are doing well and are leaving life.

Good luck.
04/18 DH 49 Stage 2A T3N0M0 rectal cancer moderately differentiated.
05/18 chemorad. (Xeloda) 28 days
08/18 Surgery- 24 cm, including entire rectum out
Path -Stage II T2N0M0 moderate to poorly diff. adenocarcinoma
0 of 15 lymph nodes
Clear margins
10/18-02/19 8 cycles of Folfox
02/19 Normal Pet Scan

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Re: Adenocarcinoma PT3,PN2

Postby ksraja » Wed Nov 14, 2018 6:39 am

hey thanks for your replay's and support.

For my wife doctors don’t know that its cancer tumor at the time of surgery. She was operated on emergency bases to save her life thinking that it’s a crohns /Ulcer.
When the dissected peace sent for biopsy they found that it’s a carcinoma with crohns disease .

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Re: Adenocarcinoma PT3,PN2

Postby NHMike » Wed Nov 14, 2018 8:34 pm

"Can any one tell me is it dangerous?"

Yes, it is.

"what are the treatments available?"

Typically surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy (maybe). What you get and when you get it depends on the location of the tumor.

"and how far we can cure it?"

The above may be able to cure it to the point of "no evidence of disease". They determine this with bloodwork, scans and colonoscopies. Cancer can be microscopic so you can't be 100% sure - so they do five years of surveillance.

It's scary stuff to be sure and the vast majority here have either gone through it or are a caregiver or relative of someone that has gone through it and we can help answer questions along the way.
6/17: ER rectal bleeding; Colonoscopy
7/17: 3B rectal. T3N1bM0. 5.2 4.5 4.3 cm. Lymphs: 6 x 4 mm, 8 x 6, 5 x 5
7/17-9/17: Xeloda radiation
7/5: CEA 2.7; 8/16: 1.9; 11/30: 0.6; 12/20 1.4; 1/10 1.8; 1/31 2.2; 2/28 2.6; 4/10 2.8; 5/1 2.8; 5/29 3.2; 7/13 4.5; 8/9 2.8, 2/12 1.2
10/17: 2.7 2.2 1.6 cm (-90%). Lymphs: 3 x 3 mm (-62.5%), 4 x 3 (-75%), 5 x 3 (-40%). 5.1 CM from AV
10/17: LAR, Temp Ileostomy, Path Complete Response
CapeOx (8) 12/17-6/18
7/18: Reversal, Port Removal
2/19: Clean CT

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Re: Adenocarcinoma PT3,PN2

Postby Basil » Wed Nov 14, 2018 8:38 pm

If it’s t3n2m0, they cure the hell out of it in most cases. Gone; never to return. But if you have mets (m1 or above) it’s a much harder fight.
40 y/o male, kids 6&9
Dx 3/16/17, rectal cancer s3,t3,n1,m0
PROSPCT trial (FOLFOX in lieu of chemorad)
FOLFOX 4/5/17 - 6/26/17
LAR 7/31/17, temp ileo
pathological complete response
Adjuvant chemo cancelled (IDEA Study)
Ileo reversed 9/25/17
1 year scans - clear

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