Good news friends

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Good news friends

Postby Trying » Tue Oct 16, 2018 10:45 pm

My dr. Just called and advised my cea level is in the 100s and started at 985 in july. He said keep doing what your doing as numbers are continuing to drop Not sure these levels msr same here in canada. And my main tumor shrunk by 60% i really needed to hear it today.
By the way...anyone know of interaction with frankinsense ans folfox. Heard its goid for cancer.
Wishing you all strength and courage
38 yr old single mom of almost 2 yr old.
Colon cancer stage IV 10 liver mets April 2018
Folfox as of June 2018

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Re: Good news friends

Postby stu » Wed Oct 17, 2018 3:35 am

So happy for you . It’s not just good need it’s great news .
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Oct 2018. Another clear scan .

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Re: Good news friends

Postby WarriorSpouse » Wed Oct 17, 2018 7:59 am

Well Done...Congrats on your progress!
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Re: Good news friends

Postby Punky44 » Wed Oct 17, 2018 11:09 am

So happy for you!
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Re: Good news friends

Postby Nohogirl » Wed Oct 17, 2018 11:26 am

Congrats Trying. Was it the chemo that shrunk the tumor
Or you were doing something else.
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Re: Good news friends

Postby Detox » Wed Oct 17, 2018 12:24 pm

Awesome news! Hopefully the tumors will be small enough to where you can become a surgical candidate. As you said, even if there are tumors in areas where resection is risky, they should be able to use other methods. Definitely look into this if you can.

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Re: Good news friends

Postby Trying » Wed Oct 17, 2018 3:16 pm

I think it was a combo 9f chemo plus other things. I switched to a 90% whole food diet. I take cbd oil and thc. I do green juices and alot of viaualization ro my cancer cells being destroyed. Hope the good results keep up
38 yr old single mom of almost 2 yr old.
Colon cancer stage IV 10 liver mets April 2018
Folfox as of June 2018

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Re: Good news friends

Postby Ksiemonsma » Wed Oct 17, 2018 7:39 pm

Great news
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Clear scans 10/3/18

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