Need Support - Told today I'm on Palliative Care

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Re: Need Support - Told today I'm on Palliative Care

Postby Claudine » Thu Mar 12, 2020 9:27 am

Daughter is being sent home from college to finish the semester remotely. Needless to say she is upset. It's her first year and she was finally, she said, feeling like a real college student. She's also someone who learns best face-to-face. So, for someone who hasn't done much driving since surgery, I am off on my own to drive 4 hours, pack the car, drive home.

What a good mom! Same thing for our daughter except it’s a 19 hour drive... We have airplane tickets to fly there on Monday (booked them for spring break before the covid19 problem), of course now I’m wondering if it’s really stupid for DH to fly/leave home even though he’s been off chemo for a while now (since mid January) so I suppose his immune system must have rebounded some. We’re meeting with his onc this morning so we can ask him. What a mess...
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Re: Need Support - Told today I'm on Palliative Care

Postby nynessie » Tue Mar 17, 2020 11:47 am

I am working from home. Again. I'm finding I want to be at work, and hate c-virus for taking that away from me just as soon as I was able, finally, to get back to things. Also, I didn't;t mind being home when I wasn't able to get out. Now that I *can* get out, being told *not* to go out somehow is making it more difficult to stay in. Suppose same for everyone?

Husband still in an immobilizer brace, required to show up at work, where he sits alone in his office in an empty college library. PT evaluation supposed to be Friday, and until we hear otherwise, we shall be there.

Daughter, home from college, seems to have stopped bemoaning the fact she just was getting to feel she was a real college student, and now her freshman year is gone, and how will her classes be online when the teachers don't know how to do anything technical, etc. She has spent the past 2 days in her room, belongings crowding the hall, apparently moving furniture about. Dad can't get down the hall with crutches, and I am banned from climbing around things to see what she is doing. I tell myself she is trying to create a space similar to her college room, minus the roommate and restrictions on curtains and candles.

The gym is closed so I am not able to continue with my PT exercises, and while I can walk outside, it's currently raining and 37F outside. Not exactly prime walking weather.

So it only takes about 10 minutes total to complete the census questions. So, that's done, and now all I need to finish are our taxes and to teach Daughter how to do her own. She already says she "cannot" because, you know, she tells me, it's math. Can you hear me sighing from wherever you are?

As a result of working remotely, now required to attend 8:30am staff meetings. Complete with video and microphone. I learned that if the laptop is placed at just the right level, all I need to do is toss a sweater or sweatshirt over my PJ top and I'm ready for work. Ran fingers through my hair at the last moment. :lol: The only issue is Husband who wants to be at work by 9am, and this morning woke Daughter to have her drive him first to Post Office (why? :roll: ) and then to work. Keep in mind she has a learner license, so must drive with a licensed over-21 driver in the car. He sits in the back seat. She has to drive 4 blocks home after taking him to work. Hmmm.

Having a college student back home means hearing things not heard before. Noises of things moving or dropping on the floor. Voices low enough so cannot hear what is said, but clearly voices. Strange music. No food in the house. The list goes on. I am certain Husband and I will get used to it soon. We went to the grocery Saturday afternoon. We are going again when I pick him up from work.

Hope all of you out there are doing well. Anyone with good news please share. Anyone with any news please share. I'm here.
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Re: Need Support - Told today I'm on Palliative Care

Postby ANDRETEXAS » Wed Mar 18, 2020 2:59 am

Enjoy reading your updates....Onward and upward.....enjoy the simple and complicated parts of life. Andre
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