Question about necessity of CEA labwork

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Re: Question about necessity of CEA labwork

Postby wwroam » Tue Oct 16, 2018 6:20 pm

I would strongly argue for CEA bloods ...forever.
Last year, nearly ten years after my original diagnosis my CEA started to rise. Two months later it had risen some more and I was sent for a PET scan. A tumour on my lung and 2 lymph nodes. NSC Lung Cancer.
Without that CEA my NSCLC would have advanced to Stage 4.
For now I owe my life to the CEA test.
Stage 3a DX 25/06/07
Folfox complete 30/01/08
7 years NED
Port scheduled for removal 8/02/10 Gone.
PSA .54 No prostate problems
Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetic
SO diagnosed CC Stage IV Liver Mets 23/03/15

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Re: Question about necessity of CEA labwork

Postby Aughhhh » Tue Oct 16, 2018 7:56 pm

Agree wholeheartedly!!
Stage IIA (T-3,N-0,M-0), sigmoid colon cancer, Diagnosed age 43 on 8/19/03, sigmoid colectomy on 8/30/03, finished 22 rounds of 5-FU & Leukovorin on 6/8/2004. Currently NED!

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