CEA increase on FOLFIRI

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CEA increase on FOLFIRI

Postby CLD » Mon Sep 24, 2018 1:23 pm

I'm sitting in the infusion center trying to wrap my head around this. DH CEA now nearly 10. Was 2.8 at recurrence and 5 at initial dx...when he had a 5cm tumor and 13 positive nodes! His Dr continued chemo today, dropping Avastin in preparation for possible surgery, and next scan scheduled for Oct 15. She did another CEA and said if this also shows an increase, scan will be done sooner. So of course I'm thinki g he FOLFIRI isn't working. Has anyone had FOLFIRI not work at all? Dr said possible rise is due to inflammation.
Wife to DH/ Father of 6 (age 42 at dx) diagnosed Jan 2015 stage IIIC
Tumor deposit in mesentery 13/24 lymph nodes +
CEA at dx: 5
Low Grade/Mod. Diff.
FOLFOX 6 months
N.E.D until June 2018
PET Scan 6/18
Biopsy confirms cancer in 3 Paraaortic lymph nodes BRAF / KRAS negative
Folfiri and Avastin Aug 2018
CEA:2.9 at recurrence

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Re: CEA increase on FOLFIRI

Postby tater » Mon Sep 24, 2018 1:49 pm

My wife's CEA raised during FOLFOX +Avistan. It upset me and made me worried. The oncologist actually told me that it was a good thing that it raised. He mentioned that it can be inflammation but the marker picks up protein or antigen I can't remember that corresponds to tumor cells dying and that it meant that the cancer was seeing a good response to the chemo. I'm not sure if this is the same for your husband but it was my experience.
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FOLFOX + Avistan July 18 2017 CEA 2.3
Nov 9, 2017 LAR, Hysterectomy & External Nodes Removed W/ileostomy
Clear Margins NED
CEA 1.5 12/17, 2.1 2/18, 2.3 6/18, 1.1 9/18
Clear CT and MRI on 2/5/2018, 9/18 Clear Scans
Reversal Surgery 6/26/18

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Re: CEA increase on FOLFIRI

Postby Deb m » Mon Sep 24, 2018 2:17 pm

My husbands CEA initially increased while on folfox for a while, but then came down towards the end of treatment. His scans remained clear.

Nerve racking to say the least, I know. Hang in there and hopefully it will be the same with your husband.
deb m

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Re: CEA increase on FOLFIRI

Postby Cmac1275 » Mon Sep 24, 2018 6:14 pm

Hang in there. CEA can be a fickle thing. For me, CEA seemed to be a reliable marker. Once I started FOLFOX / Avasting, I saw it go down from 60 to 4.7 right before my 6th and last session. Post liver resection, I was at 2.1. But now despite finding new mets in my liver, my CEA has remained at normal levels <3.0

It’s been three weeks since my last labs, so I don’t know where it sits now. But my onc thinks we may not be able to use it reliably anymore as a marker.
42 yr, male, husband and father of 3
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01/26/2018 — Partial colectomy. Two thirds colon removed
02/21/2018 — CEA @ 60
03/21/2018 — Began 6 rounds of FOLFOX / Avastin
06/21/2018 — CEA @ 4.7
07/02/2018 — Right hepatic lobectomy
08/28/2018 — MRI shows new spots on remaining ("old") liver)
09/04/2018 — PET scan shows new spots on both lobes
09/05/2018 — CEA @ 2.7

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Re: CEA increase on FOLFIRI

Postby mhf1986 » Mon Sep 24, 2018 6:30 pm

Yes, DH started at 114, then dropped to 40 after surgery only to bounce up to 80 after his first 2 treatments. Dr. said it was the tumor rapidly throwing off the protein, trying to survive. CEA steadily declined after that and tumors did shrink.

We are waiting on CEA results now, haven't seen any since July but other blood work looks good.
Caregiver to DH, dx @ 50, mets to liver/lungs/lymphs, MSS, quad wild
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11/16 port in, FOLFOX + Avastin
4/17 CEA 11
6/17 CEA 15, 5FU + A only due to neuropathy
11/17 CEA 38, CAPOX + A
1/18 CAPOX caused hi bilirubin/bad hfs, back to FOLFOX + A
5/18 growth/ascites; change to Vectibex + 75% Irinotecan dose
7/18 CEA 23, shrinkage
10/18 CEA 28, growth, considering Lonsurf & trials

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Re: CEA increase on FOLFIRI

Postby Mercy110 » Fri Sep 28, 2018 8:53 am

My mum has similar situation that her CEA increased steadily throughout the first two treatments of folfiri. We are not so optimistic because last time her CEA increase proved to be mets to lungs. No scan so far so we still can’t figure out what has been wrong. She has no syndromes at all and x-ray showed few changes in lungs. We are suspecting if there is new met.

We are also worried about the cost of using better meds such as keytruda...
Daughter of Mum age 56, NRAS-mutate Q61R
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2017-09: 85% FOLFOX + Avastin CEA: 7.0, 4.7 (10/10), 3.7 (11/10), 2.9 (12/3), 2.2 (12/21), 2.4 (01/09), 3.4 (2/24), 2.6 (3/9), 3.6 (5/24), 19.2 (8/16), 22 (8/31), 24.9 (9/18), 27.7 (10/9)
2017-11: Stable CT
2018-03 to 05: Folfox Allergy, 5 months chemo break
2018-08: Folfiri started


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