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Re: Encouragement

Postby AppleTree » Mon Sep 10, 2018 12:05 am

Well, it took awhile to get there! Never give up. The first diagnosis the DR gives you is not always the final one. I have seen so many people go from inoperable to NED on this board! Every single one is a victory. For newbies...don't read the stats on Google. Much of it is outdated. I am very happy for the both of you!
Diag Feb 5, 2016 Age 45
3 cm tumor 5 cm from verge
Radiation + Xeloda pills - 3000mg 5x week
3/14 - 4/16 - 25 sessions
Shrank just over 50% L nodes 0/13
Remove rectum with temp Ileo 6/17
Reversal 7/20 due to infection
Acute hepatitis August. Chemo cancelled
June to September 2016 - 58 days in hospital

6/16, MRI shadow in lung
Pet - 6.6mm Met in Upper R lobe
7/30 VAT surgery Mass General/Boston
8/24 port
8/30 - 4/28 Folfox. 12 rounds
June CT shows new lung Mets.
July/Oct PETs...CLEAR!

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