Age 19, colon cancer, did everything t get diagnosed ?

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Age 19, colon cancer, did everything t get diagnosed ?

Postby supergeorgedude » Thu Jul 05, 2018 7:18 pm

Hi, I am 19 years old and one month ago, I had two episodes of rectal bleeding. One was on monday, other one on wednesday. It was during a week, when the weather was really hot outside, I did not drink much, and the stools were coming not hard, but pretty sharp - they were soft with a lot of very hard and sharp little pieces. Both presented as a very little bit of very bright red blood on the toiler paper. The blood was there only for a wipe or two. I did not pay attention to it that much. During the second episode I looked on the stool and saw some red streaks, so I thought I also had blood on/in the actual stool. I was in a hurry so could not examine it.

Anyway, since that I was in panic mode, I paid attention to all my stools (I always examined them with a popstick - disguisting i know, but when my health is in play I dont care). No blood. The first step towards diagnosis I decided to take was an abdominal ultrasound because I found that it does have a role, is very quick, and could detect something abnormal at least on the liver or in the nodes - (This link - ... lon_cancer) . The ultrasound came out ok, I talked aboutit with the doc for a bit and he said I should go for a sigmoidscopy because it the blood was on the paper, blood red etc. So I went for the sigmoidscopy, which was also inserted 25 cm into the sigmoid colon (I read that when insrted the sigmoid colon is about 30-35 cm long ?) so I think the doc has seen it full almost. He again found nothing, but said I have grade 1 hemmoroids (I think he lied, because I did not see anything like hemmoroids on the screen, I guess he wanted to make a diagnosis and did not want to do a colonoscopy because I am 19). I obviously did not listen to him, and went for a colonoscopy, which was 6 days ago. I had a very good bowel prep., it was done at an acredited place by a licensed endoscopist who also works in a hospital which is rated no. 1 in my country in terms or gastro. She found completely nothing, the procedure lasted about 26 minutes, I was also looking at the screen at times, she even said NO HEMMOROIDS. So after we talked about it, and she said the blood was probably some irritation. The colonoscopy was exactly 29 days after my symptoms started.

However yersterday, at 1 AM (it was a similar week as the one when my symptosm started) I had the blood again. My anus was itching for the whole day before this happened. I played a lot of football with a lot of hard ball kicking on the day and day before of bleeding. This time I decided to examine it very closely. The blood came after third or a fourth wipe. Before that , I had a little red on the toilet paper, which I thought was carrot, but then after that wipe more red came out. After that I tried to wipe more and did not see blood, so I went deeper around the anus, and managed to find a bit more. Very little was there also after I wiped all the stool. However it did not seem as it was coming from somewhere, because the amount of blood was not increasing. However it was very bright red. Then I examined the stools and saw the same exact red streaks as last time, but guess what, they were pieces of carrot, which made me realize that even first time there was PROBABLY no blood in the stool. Only on the toilet paper. There were some unproccessed blueberries in the stool.

Here are photos (only toilet paper) so if you really want to get into this case you can take a look :D:

So now I am here, 19 angry about colon cancer few days after my colonoscopy. I really hoped that the day of my colonoscopy I would know 100% if I am healthy or not, but I guess I would want too much. I read that there is a miss rate of , of like 3% , but the studies were weird, also included office colonoscopies, colonoscopies done by internists or general docs etc.. Also said that the miss rate significantly increases with age, more polyps, previous polyp removal, and other colon disease. However I also read studies of 0% miss rate or 0,5% miss rate. I emailed the owner of the place where I had my colonoscopy done (He is probably the second best gastroenterologist in my country, that why I went to that place, because it has great reviews etc..) about the miss rate in our country or at his place (he did not email back yet). He does have an article on the internet about interval colon cancer and rate of about 0,5%, but this is after polyp removal, so I dont think it really suits my case.

So my questions are...

Is it possible for a little fissure to present itself like that ?

Could hemmoroids maybe dissapear or become smaller between the intervals of my colonoscopy, sigmoidscopy and symptoms presentation ?

Would you think colonoscopy would really miss my cancer ?

Could this be cancer ?

I had bleeding 29 days before colonoscopy, would a tumor heal itself in that time, because if not, it would be easier to see....

The last and least realistic scenario, is it possible for this to be food maybe ? I do eat a of fruist and vegetables and I really ate shit load of red ones at that time (I know this is not realisticly possible though lol :D)

To be honest, the fact that there was no blood in the stool or on it, and that it was very bright red makes me quite calm. However I think that there is too little for it to be something like a little fissure or a hemmoroid. Also how I said, no more blood came out after I wiped a few times - if there was a fissure or hemmoroid it would continue to bleed more no ?

I am very , and angry because of these symptoms and the fact that I did everyting for it to get diagnosed properly. I have always been a big hypochondriac and this is really annoying. The chance of me having cancer at this age in my country is about 1 in 750000 or one in a milion (if I count peopole of all ages). Now if I count with the colonoscopy miss rate, the chance of colonscopy actually missing my cancer is that it would happen once in 3 years to a person of my age. (I am Czech the incidence of colon cancer here is really high, but in a population of 10,5 milion, about once in 3 years it would mathematically happen that colonoscopy would miss a cancer at the age of of 0-19). Couting with miss rate or 4%

Thank you for your answers.

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Re: Age 19, colon cancer, did everything t get diagnosed ?

Postby Atoq » Fri Jul 06, 2018 2:44 am

I think it is very unlikely you have cancer, given your age and the fact that a colonscopy came out negative. There is a fine balance between being an hipocondriac and one who ignores simptoms, I am more on the other edge and was thinking «if I can run I cannot be seriously sick». :lol: But being so worried at your your age sounds almost worse than being actually sick and do something to feel better. My advice is: go on playing fotball, eat healthy and if you still see blood in your stool schedule a new colonscopy in a year.

All the best

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Re: Age 19, colon cancer, did everything t get diagnosed ?

Postby KimT » Fri Jul 06, 2018 6:35 am

You have had all the tests and you got good news. You don’t have cancer. Lay off google and move on.
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Re: Age 19, colon cancer, did everything t get diagnosed ?

Postby peanut_8 » Fri Jul 06, 2018 6:55 am

Hi supergeorgedude. Welcome to Colontalk.

Good for you that your colonoscopy can back clean. I think you can rule out colon cancer, which is our main emphasis here.

Have you considered therapy for your health obsession?

Frankly, examining your stools with a Popsicle sick is not normal behavior, especially after the tests that you've had.

Best Wishes,
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Re: Age 19, colon cancer, did everything t get diagnosed ?

Postby Leeloo » Tue Jul 24, 2018 12:22 am

Hi Super,
That’s great news that your colon is clear, and you do not have cancer.

Colon cancer takes a very long time to grow, so it is not going to suddenly appear.

I am sorry you are having so much stress and worry. Stop playing football for a few months and try yoga.

There are some who think that football can affect emotions and cause cloudy thinking in players that play hard. If your worry levels are still high, please see a neuropsychologist.

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Re: Age 19, colon cancer, did everything t get diagnosed ?

Postby Sammy2067 » Tue Jul 24, 2018 3:03 pm

A tumor would've been hard to miss on Colonoscopy! I doubt you have cancer! Good job on insisting on a Colonoscopy though. I ignored rectal bleeding on and off for 2 years. Just dumb.

I doubt you have Cancer. Colonoscopy would've shown it. It didnt miss. Something is causing bleeding but I don't think its cancer.
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Re: Age 19, colon cancer, did everything t get diagnosed ?

Postby dianetavegia » Thu Jul 26, 2018 3:40 pm

Sounds to me like a fissure which is sort of like a split in the skin in the rectal/ anal area. They bleed and can close up or be like a paper cut, almost invisible. Infants who have these are treated with Desitin.
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