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New Guy

Postby Gravelyguy » Thu Jul 05, 2018 6:42 pm

Hi Everyone,

New Guy here. I have been a lurker since last winter as I was researching what I was going through. I can’t tell you all how helpful you all have been.

I continue to check in as it has given me lots of people to pray for. I decided I might as well join in the odd chance that I can help someone out in the future.

6/17 dx mCRC t3n1m1 very low rectal tumor 2 liver Mets 1.3 cm and .9 cm

6/17 begin 4 rounds Folfox w/Vectibix
9/17 short course radiation
10/17 rectal and liver resection cancer is out of here!
11/17-3/18 8 rounds Folfox
6/18 still NED!! Takedown
8/28/18 still NED! CEA .8 new low for me
10/18/18 colonoscopy clear
12/12/18 clear scans, CEA .9 still NED!

Deb m
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Re: New Guy

Postby Deb m » Fri Jul 06, 2018 1:53 pm

Welcome to the board. I'm glad that things are going well for you.

deb m

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Re: New Guy

Postby bitchslapped » Fri Jul 06, 2018 10:35 pm

Welcome Gravelyguy & congratulations on NED status.

Gravelyguy wrote:I decided I might as well join in the odd chance that I can help someone out in the future.

I'm sure you'll be able to share some knowledge/experience or lend support.

Best Wishes
DSS,35YO,unresect mCRC DX 7/'14,lvr,LN,peri,rib
FOLFOX+Avstn 4 Rnds d/c 10/'14
Stent 9/'14
FOLFIRI+Avstn 10/'14
Gone From My Sight 2/20/15
Me:garden variety polyps + precancerous polyp, diverticulitis
Carergver x2 DH,DM dbl occupancy,'03-'10
DH dx 47YO mCRC,'04-'07 fried x HAI
DM dx CC 85YO,CC,CHF,stroke,dementia,aphasia

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Re: New Guy

Postby DarknessEmbraced » Mon Jul 09, 2018 10:18 am

Welcome and I'm glad you're doing well!*hugs*
Diagnosed 10/28/14, age 36
Colon Resection 11/20/14, LAR (no illeo)
Stage 2a colon cancer, T3NOMO
Lymph-vascular invasion undetermined
0/22 lymph nodes
No chemo, no radiation
Clear Colonoscopy 04/29/15
NED 10/20/15
Ischemic Colitis 01/21/16
NED 11/10/16
CT Scan moved up due to high CEA 08/21/17
NED 09/25/17
NED 12/21/18

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Re: New Guy

Postby teri3 » Tue Jul 10, 2018 10:32 pm

Welcome aboard! It's always great to have more support. Happy you are doing well.
58 yrs old female
MSS KRAS mutation G12V
adenocarcinoma sigmoid colon dx 11-14
sigmoidectomy 11-14
Stage 3A
3 out of 20 lymph nodes involved
started FolFox 1-27-15
11 rounds FOLFOX last one 6-30-2015
7-29-2015 PET clear
5-14-2016 CT 2 nodules one in each lung
Confirmed pulmonary metastasis stage 4
FOLFIRi + Avistin started 8-16 11 rounds complete 12-16
CT 12-16 nodules shrunk chemo break wait and see :?
CT growth
VATS l lung 4 10 17
VATS r lung 4 24 17
CT 2 nodules r up and l low :(

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