Exhaustion after BM

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Exhaustion after BM

Postby TJW » Wed Jul 04, 2018 2:26 pm

Hi, I'm a 69 year old male. I was in good shape before my surgery. Five weeks after colon resection surgery due to a bladder fistula resulting from diverticulitis I find that I get weak and exhausted after having a BM. I had half of my colon removed with general surgery, I'm active, walking every day, fairly low fiber diet, but slowly adding back foods. My stools are sometimes loose, sometimes fairly normal, some days 3 or more times per day, some days none. When I do have a BM I'm weak and tired afterwards that lasts for a couple of hours or more. Anyone else having these symptoms?

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Re: Exhaustion after BM

Postby Lee » Thu Jul 05, 2018 10:18 am

You might want to pass alone these issues to your surgeon. Sometimes the anesthesia can linger in our bodies for several months. Not sure if that is what is happening to you. For me, I was starting to feel somewhat normal at the 6 weeks mark, it could be a bit longer for you.

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Re: Exhaustion after BM

Postby ukusa » Mon Jul 09, 2018 8:25 pm

I am 7 weeks post op for elective diverticular surgery. I had a very similar experience to you regarding the exhaustion after using the bathroom. It lasted about 4 weeks. I am 67. I was very tired, and could only manage to get up for the bathroom or to the kitchen to make some soup or a frozen dinner. I had my surgery via robot and the largest incision was dreadfully painful inside like a burning/tearing sensation, I couldn't walk without holding my hand over the incision which helped, but at the six week mark, it started to feel a lot better. I think due to me being alone, I over did it, by trying to do too much after getting home from the hospital. I am finally starting to feel normalish again, and actually drove myself to the grocery store today. Just give it a little more time, and you should be ok.

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