47, rectal cancer. Mets to RUL and LLL

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47, rectal cancer. Mets to RUL and LLL

Postby JulesW » Tue Jun 26, 2018 1:16 pm

Healthy male diagnosed with rectal cancer after a sudden bleed 12/16. LAR with temporary ileostomy 1/17. Cat scan 1/17 showed four spots right upper lung largest 8 mm too small to identify with pet scan. Spots were thought to be most likely scarring from old pneumonia. Six months xeloda. Repeat CAT scan 4/17 showed stable nodules. Repeat CAT scan 6/18 showed: Four mets to right upper lobe largest 14 mm. Three new mets to left lower lobe, largest 19 mm. Just started first round of Folfiri with Avastin through a port. Follow-up CT scan 8/18
I am interested in learning more about centers in the United States or abroad that are routinely doing lung sparing surgery such as laser surgery or cryoablation with good results and low complications. I'm looking into a second opinion at M.D. Anderson but on their website they do not offer cryoablation for things other than prostate or kidney cancer. Any thoughts?
Dx at 46 rectal ca.12/16 after sudden bleed.
CAT scan 1/17 4 spots rul largest 8 mm, thought to be scarring from old pneumonia
LAR 1/17 six hour surgery removed to rectal tumor stage 2b, 0/30 nodes pos
Xeloda x 6 mos
repeat ct 4/17 stable spots rul
repeat ct 6/18 spots rul x 4 largest 14mm, new spots lll x 3 largest 19mm
6/18 port placed and on folfiri + Avastin
Surgeon: lets wait and see what chemo does
Rad Onc.: lets wait
Agree with medical team but also looking into 2nd opinion

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