Liver lung mets rectal cancer UK

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Re: Liver lung mets rectal cancer UK

Postby Faithandpeace » Sat Jul 21, 2018 7:18 pm

We just returned from London (we live in the US) where my husband had ablations to his liver mets (4) and then 5 days later, ablations to his lung mets (4, I think). We, of course, were self-pay, but I’m sure NHS covers these procedures in many cases. I would be happy to provide you with the names of the two doctors... they are both world-renown interventional radiologists. The reason we went to UK instead of having this done in US is that doctors in the UK do this much more in the US and thus (at least the doctors we used) have a greater track record on success.
DH dx 12/16, age 56, stage IV, mets to liver and lungs
5 tx Folfox + Avastin + clinical trial, 1/17-3/17, good results
Immunotherapy in Germany + 3 TACE, 2 TPCE (3/17-6/17)
Folfox + Avastin 8/17, 4 tx
10/17 xeloda + Avastin
12/17 PET negative in liver and lungs. Primary tumor thriving
1/6/18 LAR, temp loop ileostomy, horrible complications, 10 weeks in hospital, still recovering, 4/18.
4/30/18: Y90 to left lobe of liver
6/18: ablations to liver + lung mets

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