Home from the hospital

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Home from the hospital

Postby RulaLenska » Wed Jun 20, 2018 8:55 pm

Came home today after my liver resection on the 12th. No major complications. I required a lot of pressers during the 8 hour procedure which is my biggest slow down. I gained 40 pounds of fluid in a day. This is really uncomfortable but is abating with medication and walking. Though I’m sore and tired I feel so very fortunate to have reached this point. I have an absolute stellar team of caregivers here in Portland, Oregon. This board is a godsend as well. So much info and compassion. Special thank you to Stu who’s Mums story is similar to mine and who’s input here has been reassuring and calming for me. I’ll jump in more as I heal. Peace and health to all.
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Re: Home from the hospital

Postby stu » Thu Jun 21, 2018 4:39 pm

Oh fantastic news .
Glad to hear that your fluid is starting to go down . I am so pleased you are surrounded by good people .
My mum was always so pleased to get home . You have endured so much so well . Now onwards to longevity.
Mum’s liver is in great shape . Her team have had a chat and they want to do two more scans and may stop scanning !!! Yikes !!
Wishing you a great recovery and I will pass your good wishes on to my mum . She is always delighted to hear how well people are doing .
Take special care and keep in touch ,
Stu xx
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Re: Home from the hospital

Postby juliej » Thu Jun 21, 2018 5:56 pm

Cyn, I am so glad to hear there were no major complications and it was a successful surgery! :D :D :D

Your job now is to take it easy and recover your strength. Eating protein will help heal the incision faster and also help your resected liver grow back sooner. Going for walks will also help the healing process, even if you can only go a short distance. Drinking water, juice, electrolyte drinks, etc. will help flush the excess fluid in your abdomen. Get well soon and keep kicking cancer's butt!

Hugs to you!
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