Does anyone have a little drinky drink during chemo?

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Does anyone have a little drinky drink during chemo?

Postby Rikimaroo » Tue Jun 12, 2018 7:17 pm

I am not a normal drinker. An occasional drinker, yes. I was jonesing for some margarita mix that I have on my bar. I just had some in a shot glass but drank it slow. With liver surgery I get scared drinking any alcohol. What are your thoughts on the occasional drink to peel the edge off a little.
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Re: Does anyone have a little drinky drink during chemo?

Postby betsydoglover » Tue Jun 12, 2018 7:31 pm

I had the off and on occasional drink (or 2 every once in a while) - no problem. My onc said it, as with most things, was fine in moderation. Still here 13 years later, so I am pretty sure a bit is ok.
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Re: Does anyone have a little drinky drink during chemo?

Postby mhf1986 » Tue Jun 12, 2018 8:06 pm

DH asked this question today: dr. said it would probably increase quality of life! So they discussed martinis and wine for awhile. As long as DH's liver function is OK, dr. said he could have something on occasion. Bilirubin is down to 2 from 6.4 a month ago and other numbers are improving so a martini once a week or so is fine.

A friend of mine has really bad cirrhosis from hepatitis and they've told him no alcohol at all, that one drink could really really hurt him. Asking might be best!

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6/17: CEA 15, OX discontinued for now due to neuropathy
11/17: CEA 38, changed to CAPOX+A; CEA down to 29 in 12/17
1/18: CAPOX caused bilirubin of 4.5/bad hfs, back to FOLFOX+A
5/18: growth + ascites; 6.4 bilirubin too high for irinitican, start Vectibex
6/18: biliubin down to 2, ascites mostly gone . :D

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Re: Does anyone have a little drinky drink during chemo?

Postby CRguy » Tue Jun 12, 2018 9:44 pm

another idea might be
Mocktails ... drinks we love and crave without the alcohol content
Margarita could be one / Pina Colada, Virgin Caesar etc etc.

disclaimer :
I am more of a wine buff and ...sadly ... having made wine and collected wines for years ......
I cannot tolerate the dealcoholized wines on the market.

Some low alcohol beers are OK ..... BUTT again near beers are usually gross IMO
SO when I was jonesing on a bevvy ... :shock:
I would go to the mixed drinks with enough OTHER stuff in them so as to NOT miss the ethanol kick
OR some white wines are naturally lower in alcohol than reds, wine coolers .... ?

just me :mrgreen:

BTW my big RED wine Go To standards .... tasted like shit when I was on chemo
like "India Ink " I believe I described them :twisted:
so I just moved on :(

Yeah ASK the docs is probably a good start and Mocktails would be a safe follow up !

Dare I say :shock:
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Re: Does anyone have a little drinky drink during chemo?

Postby LeonW » Thu Jun 14, 2018 4:42 pm

I didn't until well after the liver job - mostly

Expecting that chemo would be challenging for the liver, I decided to leave it doing its things without alcohol throughout chemo. We did however celebrate completion of each (3 week) Xelox-Avastin cycle with a fancy/restaurant dinner that included a (sinle) glass of champagne. The real stuff. Heck, one needs to celebrate successes.

Once liver had regrown, we figured that it was 75% brand new and thus quite capable to handle an occasional drink. That was 2 mos after resection. From there, slowly reverted to the earlier pattern (2-3 drinks, 3-4 days a week). I still do.

All went well. Was officially promoted to 5+ year monitoring program upon the last 6-mo check-up earlier this week (June 12) :D :D

greetings, L
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Feb-Aug - 1x Xelox-7x Xelox/Avastin, shrinkage from #3
Sept - 2x failed Portal Vein embolization
Oct 2013 - R liver resect 28 hosp days (liver failure, delirium, emboli, encephalopathy) pCR- cancer gone
2014/15 - recovery/benign polyp
Apr 2016 - new town, new life
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June 12, 2018: 5-yr survivor

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Re: Does anyone have a little drinky drink during chemo?

Postby LPL » Thu Jun 14, 2018 5:22 pm

We live in France. My husband’s doctors said ”no restrictions regarding what to eat or drink” when he asked. Hubby drank vine with dinner and maybe 1 day a week he took a ’little something’ to the coffee.

mhf1986 wrote:
Bilirubin is down to 2 from 6.4 a month ago and other numbers are improving

So Good to hear this news! :-)
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4 Folfox 6/15-7/30 (b4 liver surgery) 8 after
CT: 8/8 no change 3/27/17 NED for now :D
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Re: Does anyone have a little drinky drink during chemo?

Postby boxhill » Thu Jun 14, 2018 8:22 pm

I decided to be on the wagon for the duration. I'm helped by the fact that my usual favorite, red wine, tastes horrible on chemo. It's gin and tonic season, but who wants a G&T w/o ice? I love bourbon, but haven't had any in the house.

I find it easier to abstain completely. Every once in a while I'll have a sip of someone's wine just to check, and yup, still tastes dreadful. Oh well. Back to herb teas and lukewarm water.

BTW, has anyone else encountered major problems getting a simple glass of WARM water in a restaurant? I've been out a few times shortly after infusion, and I have to explain at length that yes, I really do just want some lukewarm water from the tap. One place insisted on running it through the coffee maker, so it was boiling hot and tasted like coffee. Yuck! A friend I was with just took it over to the sink, dumped it, and filled my glass from the tap. Oy vey.

My surgeon did say that a glass of wine now and then was okay, but why bother? (He;s a liver guy. :) ) Since I had a tiny liver met, I decided I might as well give my liver a break, and I was drinking too much before anyway. Good time to break the habit.
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Re: Does anyone have a little drinky drink during chemo?

Postby heiders33 » Thu Jun 14, 2018 8:26 pm

Oh my goodness yes, I had so much trouble getting lukewarm water when I would go out. It made me want to go to Europe where they don’t put ice in everything. One time I was on a flight and they announced that there would be no hot drinks. Oy.

I mostly abstained during treatment, although I would have a glass of wine or beer here and there during my good weeks.
36 year-old female
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March 12, 2018: reversal
April 16, 2018: CEA 2.1, all blood counts within normal ranges
May 2018: CT scan showed liver spot, MRI scheduled

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Re: Does anyone have a little drinky drink during chemo?

Postby jep » Thu Jun 14, 2018 9:30 pm

So my husband LOVES beer, but couldn't drink anything carbonated until his fistula was completely healed. Well, that took more than 9 months, but his liver numbers have actually improved since he started drinking wine (and eventually beer) again. He's very happy about this...
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Re: Does anyone have a little drinky drink during chemo?

Postby Basil » Fri Jun 15, 2018 11:35 pm

I drink too much and drank too much during chemo. It’s not a good thing but my liver and blood were always good. Year out and cancer free with normal liver function. This is not a suggestion, of course, but don’t get bent about having a couple of cocktails.
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Re: Does anyone have a little drinky drink during chemo?

Postby StDrogo » Sat Jun 16, 2018 1:14 am

Well, I did—and in herculean quantities—but I wasn't the one technically on chemo. My wife usually had a glass every night with dinner; whether it's good for you or not, teetotalism just doesn't seem human. She fasted, however, for five days out of every two weeks, during which time she would only drink water
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11/17 CT = NED, CEA < 1
12/17 CRS (peritoneal nodules of foreign body giant cell reaction, no evidence of malignancy; liver resection—1 cm FBGCR and .5 cm focal nodular hyperplasia), HIPEC

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