Colon rectal cancer found during routine colonoscopy

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Re: Colon rectal cancer found during routine colonoscopy

Postby justin case » Sun Apr 15, 2018 11:08 am

Lotus wrote:Sorry for long delay. Met with surgeon. He explained in detail what he recommends and won my confidence. He has excellent reputation. He will perform robotic LAR Monday April 16. He will remove part rectum part colon. He said it is very high up and even tho it’s being referred to as rectal cancer, it more resembles colon cancer. He thinks it is very early stage ....will know for sure after. I’ll update after surgery. Thanks for all your support I’m praying for everyone who is walking this path with me. Now it’s time to fight.

I had a large tumor in the sigmoid, and one very low in the rectum. After treatment, radiation and surgery with chemo, I'm doing fine . If your tumor is high up in the sigmoid rectal junction, you may be able to avoid a temp illio. Good luck. It sounds like your surgeon is well qualified for this surgery. I live in Houston and I used a lessor known hospital for my treatments. Not every situation needs an MD Anderson . Good luck tommorrow !
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