Scanxiety: Anyone else having testing now?

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Re: Scanxiety: Anyone else having testing now?

Postby SoConfused » Thu Apr 19, 2018 1:58 pm

Shana wrote:
SoConfused wrote:My CEA last month was normal.

What are the chances this is something other than a recurrences? what are some of the other possibilities? if not a new tumor, what can it be?

Im so sorry that you're facing uncertainty again after so many years. I hope that this new finding can be easily and successfully treated, whatever it might be. Maybe it's scar tissue... I don't know enough to speculate on anything more and I'm sure your doctor is the best to advise you. A normal CEA is a good sign, I hope you get more information soon!

Thank you Shana ... I appreciate your kind words.
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