Stomach issues with 5 FU and Leucovorin

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Stomach issues with 5 FU and Leucovorin

Postby ccolasessano » Tue Feb 20, 2018 9:00 pm

We are new to this forum. My husband has had a long experience with colorectal cancer first diagnosed in 2003. it was contained and resected and he required no treatments. Four and a half years later in came back at the anastomosis he had surgery again. Developed post op problems with his sutures rupturing, required another surgery, and temporary colostomy. He had chemo of Folfox for 12 treatments. Colostomy was reversed, and he did well for 8 years, when he had a metastasis to the sacrum. He had radiation (32 treatments). and chemo of Folfox, Oxiliplatin and Avastin for 7 rounds. Last year he began a maintenance chemo of 5FU and Leucovorin, 6 weeks on, 2 weeks off. They just added Avastin again. His last 3 CT scans have been stable, thank God. He will be on this treatment for the rest of his life. The last couple of months, there have been more issues with diarrhea. and very loud gurgling noises in his stomach. he had a colonoscopy last month which was fine. His oncologist says this is a result of chemo. Has anyone else had this problem? also he has a lot of bloating in his belly. they suggested starting probiotics so that is what we will do. will appreciate any other experiences.. thanks

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Re: Stomach issues with 5 FU and Leucovorin

Postby rp1954 » Tue Feb 20, 2018 11:09 pm

- Glutamine (0.5 - 5 grams per day, up to 30 for Folfiri) may help restore some of the GI lining. 1 gram or less did wonders here on daily chemo.
- Pancreatic enzymes have helped some people on chemo with diarrhea.
- Prebiotics, or even PSK may help.
- Deleting folic acid fortified foods and supplements will reduce useless 5FU side toxcities that cause stomatitis and ulceration. Natural folates are the correct folates. 5FU + folic acid is highly incompatible for about half the population. As previously discussed, supplements with natural folates are most preferred.
- IV vitamin C helps prevent and repair internal and external tissue breakdowns from 5FU. With oral mega-MK4 added, IVC helps 5FU kill "our" KRAS mutants and prevent bone loss. IVC should also reduce the amount of Avastin needed for VEGFA reduction, by HIF-1a inactivation and neutralization of (excess) histamine triggers. Along with all our other goodies we don't even miss Avastin or take weeks off 5FU (bad things happen in 7-14 days, or less).
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