Any Stage IV currently in NEDville? Please share any advice or tips? P

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Re: Any Stage IV currently in NEDville? Please share any advice or tips? P

Postby lovelife789 » Mon Mar 12, 2018 10:52 pm

Exercising actually helps combat fatigue. I pushed myself in the beginning to just get up and walk! After a couple of rounds of chemo, I don't get that fatigue like in the beginning. I need to get back into that walking routine as I've gotten lazy the last couple of months.

You are so good Robin!!

I started a few personal training sessions towards the end of my chemotherapy and it was brutal, I had no muscle (very little left after two major surgeries), I couldn't even stand straight and I felt like giving up on my third push up. Keep it up! You inspired me to try harder! Thank you! :oops:
F/38 - Dx 8 Mar 17, CEA 80.5
Stage 4 Sigmoid Colon, 6 Liver mets, T3N0M1a, KRAS NRAS Wild, G2=Moderately differentiated
3/17- 6/17 - 6 rounds of FOLFOX + Erbitux - CEA 2.5
7/17- 8/17 - 2-stage Liver Resection/Colon/Gall, all clear margin
8/25 - CEA 0.7
9/11 - Started Adjuvant chemo Xelox
9/15 - Intense reaction to Xeloda, it was dropped
9/22 - Folfox resumed, severe allergic reaction to Oxi
11/17 - Clear MRI
12/17 - completed a total of 13 rounds of FOLFOX
1/18 - Clear PET SCAN

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