Signet Ring Cell - new thread

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Signet Ring Cell - new thread

Postby lkub » Mon Feb 12, 2018 7:55 pm

There are a few with signet ring cell here, and I thought we could have a place for this doozy. The search tool has been very helpful for information, but it has mostly been from people who have passed away and their caregivers. My signature shows the summary of my husband's journey so far. I know some of you are in various facebook groups I'm in, but if you aren't aware of one called Colorectal Signet Ring Cell Carcinoma Support Group, it's becoming a lovely little "family." If you or your loved one (living or not - those who have been there are so helpful) is effected by signet ring cell, please chime in.
DH-stage 3b rectal signet ring cell dx 11/15 age 41
rad/xeloda 12/15-1/16
total colectomy&ileo(jpouch) 3/16
4/16 CEA 0.6
oxali&xeloda 3/16-8/16
clean CT 9/16 NED
10/16 reversal
4/17 CEA 1.4
10/17 CEA 44.4
10/17 CT mets to nodes peritoneum pelvis-stage 4
10/17 biopsy KRAS/BRAF/NRAS wild
11/17 port
11/17 FOLFIRI+erb
1/18 Erb failed CT mets spine/pelvis
2/18 stent ureteral obst
2/18 FOLFIRI+Avastin
3/18 small bowel obstr
3/18 CEA 114
5/18 ascites
6/18 hospice
Lynch neg

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