3 Month Post Treatment Update

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3 Month Post Treatment Update

Postby benben » Mon Feb 12, 2018 12:31 pm

Hi All.

Wanted to share my progress.
I gave a 1 month update and wow, time has been cruising by.
Technically my 3 months would have been Jan 26th, but I've been busy - which is good.
Hopefully those that are still in treatment can expect the same or even better outcomes (at least so far).

16th of Jan. Blood test and visit Onc.
Blood tests all came back exceptionally well. WBC in the 7800 range, platelets, RBC all really well.
Liver enzymes well in the normal ranges. CEA was still (unfortunately) slightly above the norm at 3.0, but this is down from 3.7 last treatment (so still on downward trend).
Onc wants a scope within 2 months. So I've got that and port flush scheduled later in the month.

Bowel movements - mostly normal. Every couple of weeks it seems I still have some looser than normal BM's - bordering on diarrhea. But is usually only for a day or so.
I feel like I can go places, travel, etc - without too much concern. If I feel there is any reason for concern - I'll pop half an Imodium and I'm good for at least 12 hours.
I do notice certain foods will have a laxative effect. Dairy, especially in the form of milk. I can't do - must use lactose free milk. Too much gluten can also wreak havoc (moderation seems ok).
Nightshades (potatoes in moderation seem ok).

Energy levels (GREAT). Pretty much all the way back to normal on the energy front.

I continue to lift weights and walk/run/bike 2+ miles per day. No pain to speak of.

Neuropathy <- I know this is a big one for a lot of people, post treatment. My neuropathy has continued to decrease.
It's to the point where I don't really notice it at all except for my hands in hot water or in my feet after an extended distance of running - but both remain mild and seem to continually subside.

While I have been very busy with work related things, I finally found some time to do an activity that I've enjoyed for a long time now - Snow Boarding.
This weekend I made it up to Mission Ridge. It was a brilliantly sunny day. The only thing that could have made it better would have been some fresh powder, but the main fairs were pretty well groomed - so it made for an excellent day. My body faired quite well. I made 13 runs which is pretty close to what I would normally do. I experienced no tiredness or soreness the day of. My legs did feel a bit sore the next day, but nothing out of the ordinary. I found the day not only pleasurable in that it was gorgeous and fun boarding - but found some renewed faith that progression towards normalcy was within reach. Some sense of self assurance.

I wish everyone health and happiness!
Never give up!
Much love, as always!

I took some pics!


3/29/17 diagnosed CRC - 44 y/o Male
4/17/17 ULAR - Straight anastomosis - no ostomy.
Path: low grade T3n1m0 - moderate diff.
KRAS - NO, MLH1/PMS2/MSH6/MSH2 - Normal.
5/3 med port install
5/22 folfox - first treatment.
3rd treat, delayed - low ANC - reduced to 90% OXI
Granix given, Now Zarxio treatments every session.
Treatment 7 reduced to 75% OXI
Treatment 8-12 - NO OXI, just Luke and 5FU
Current - 12 treatments done, CBC good, CEA decreasing.
10/20/17 CT-SCAN - CLEAR! - NED

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Re: 3 Month Post Treatment Update

Postby Robino1 » Mon Feb 12, 2018 12:58 pm

Awesome! Great pictures also!!
At 54 2014 1st colonoscopy colon cancer detect
Colon resect margins clear. No chemo Stage II
Distend abd, pain in intestines.
CT scan seeding & Ascites
Lap diag - cancer on the omentum
CEA 217 CEA 219
FOLFOX started 6/17
CEA 202 Not genetic
8/29/17 CT excellent melting of tumor.
12/8/17 Markedly decr ant peritoneal nodularity since 8/29/17 compat w/ marked posi respns to therapy
CEA: (2017)9/30 -109; 10/12 -99.1; 11/4 -90.7; 11/30 -70.7; 12/14 -83.4; (2018)1/4 -73.3; 2/1-84.2 Damnit
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Re: 3 Month Post Treatment Update

Postby Caat55 » Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:42 pm

Impressive, both you and the snow. Great to hear good news
55 y.o. Female
Dx 9/26/17 RC Stage 3
Completed 33 rad. tx, xeolda 12/8/17
MRI and PET 1/18 sign. regression
Surgery 1/31/18 Ileostomy

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Re: 3 Month Post Treatment Update

Postby retiredteacher » Sat Feb 17, 2018 8:26 pm

Inspiring! Thanks for the update!

63 yo female
DX: RC Sept. 13, 2017 Adenocarcinoma
First measured 6 cm, later 8 - 10 cm fr AV
Size: 6.3 - 7 cm
G2: Moderately differentiated (Path rprt), MSS
TNM unk, cancer unstaged, est 3 by radiologist
Mets: none obvious on PET before, after CRT
2500 Capecitabine/radiation October, November 2018 25 treatments
"Near complete metabolic response" on PET Jan 2018
CEA 0.5 Oct. 2017, Jan. 2018
MRI Feb. 2018 for Presurgical staging T2 N0 12 cm from AV 3 cm in size
LAR, Feb 20 2018
Poss Ileostomy,temp

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Re: 3 Month Post Treatment Update

Postby Shana » Tue Feb 20, 2018 10:40 pm

Great news and great pics! Sounds like life is good and i am so happy for you!

Hugs and rainbows :D
DX - 12/16
MSS - KRAS wild
Stage IV CC with liver mets
5FU - Failed twice - 1/17 and 3/17
Irinotecan + Cetuximab: 8/17 - 2 wks on, 1 wk off to lessen side effects
CEA 12/17 - 38.7! 1/18 - 33! 2/18-36.5
CT-Scan 9/1/17. Shrinkage of liver mets (4 measurable) and no bowel blockage
CT=Scan 12/1/17 Shrinkage of liver mets continue, no blockage

Removal of primary tumor and resection still on back burner. Have to be able to be OFF chemo one month prior and one month after surgery and evaluate benefit vs risk.

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