What's an acceptable delay for lymph node resection?

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Re: What's an acceptable delay for lymph node resection?

Postby jp81 » Fri Mar 09, 2018 1:18 am

rp1954 - I just wanted to add.

I have read your comments on multiple forums (like CSN) posted over the last eight years; like this one eight years back just prior to a surgery. https://csn.cancer.org/node/218056
How valiantly you've fought this deadly disease (as a researcher, caregiver) for/with your wife is an inspiration. I took lessons from your journey which are entirely unrelated to treatment or prognosis. Thank you for that.
Dear Mom 57yrs, Stage 3 RC (T3CN2M0), CEA 9
MSS, Gycine to Aspartate Mutation (G12D)
6.5 CM from verge, 30mm in Mesorectal Fascia,
Capecitabine + Radiation 06/17
Surgery 08/17
5 rounds of CAPOX (Stopped when counts too low)
CEA still 6; suspicious para aortic node 1/18.
CEA 5.6, PET Scan, 1 malignant para-aortic node 2/18
Pre-op CEA 4.8; Surgery (converted to Open) - 1.6cm Inferior Mesenteric Node - 26/2/2018

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