Rectal Cancer - Standard of Care Approach or Neoadjuvant Chemo approach???

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Re: Rectal Cancer - Standard of Care Approach or Neoadjuvant Chemo approach???

Postby mozart13 » Tue Feb 20, 2018 2:49 pm

Mikendale wrote:I already see great insights here and welcome others - Thanks!

I started with 25 rounds of chemo/rad, plan was surgery after that than folfox.
They checked me 2 weeks after chemo/rad,had hard time finding the spot, thanks to ink mark, they found it, was cCR at that time. It’s been year since than.
My hope was for cCR when all this started, and my wish got grunted.
Did a lot’s of research, ask some questions members of this site that went through the same path, specially prs.
If you are lucky one to be cCR, and opt for W&W approach,go for folfox after chemo/rad, or folfox than chemo/rad.
Chemo/rad was piece of cake for me, hardlly any issuess, folfox was brutal.
You can find a lot’s of usefull links on this board:


Wish you luck which ever way you decide to go!
55 year at the time of diagnosis, male
Diagnosed with T1,T2 N0 M0 rectal cancer
Total neoadjuvant therapy or TNT (chemoradiation followed by systemic chemotherapy)
Negative since Feb. '17
No surgery
Watch&Wait approach 8)
I don’t come much to forum , so if this is not updated it means I remain negative!
Wish good luck to all!

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