Good news...and I'm at my lowest

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Re: Good news...and I'm at my lowest

Postby Eleda » Tue Jan 30, 2018 4:02 pm

I'm not Ireland and as far as I'm aware it "is"common practice to do mop up chemo
Any into I get seems to be from the MC Milan foundation in the UK ( I'm in Ireland) but my oncologist refers to treatment as world wide standard as in we follow the Americans Basically
If u want to do the chemo in sure if u insist they will
And if not the vigilant monitoring
Good luck with ur choice
And congrats on ur results
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Re: Good news...and I'm at my lowest

Postby sealdog » Tue Jan 30, 2018 10:23 pm

I'm honestly surprised myself. Of course I didn't want to have any more chemo but everything I've read on here prepared me for it.
Two oncologists have now said they wouldn't recommend adjuvant regardless of my lynch status.
They believe it would add 1-2% extra on top of my 90-95% chance of being cured (knock on wood).
I wish I had more info to give you why they are pushing me away from adjuvant treatment as a Stage 3 other than I was over staged in the beginning.
My CEA was 0.5, a pathological complete response and most likely a dMMR tumour (this is being confirmed retroactively via my first biopsy currently and genetic test but Mum is Lynch).
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Re: Good news...and I'm at my lowest

Postby teachpdx » Wed Jan 31, 2018 9:37 pm

Hey Sealdog,

I pretty much went through same treatment as you, plus I'm Lynch, and I had such a bad reaction to post Xeloda (only 1-1/2 cycle instead of 6) that I quit early. Onc said people with Lynch less apt to have metastases but more apt to new primary. Also said post efficacy was only 10% & I figured worth it not to be tortured.
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Re: Good news...and I'm at my lowest

Postby NHMike » Mon Feb 05, 2018 11:27 am

sealdog wrote:
heiders33 wrote:Sorry if I’m not up to date on this, but did you not have an oncologist during your six weeks of chemo/radiation? What does he or she have to say? I think post-op chemo is pretty standard for stage III, although my Croatian oncologist said it’s not standard in Europe - not sure if that’s true.

Had my oncologist appointment today. They're all suggesting no chemo based on the response i had and presumed lynch status. Even if I wasn't lynch they still wouldn't recommend chemo. She said Europe and America have different opinions on chemo after a complete response, America saying "until you can prove it doesn't work we will give it regardless."

I'm obviously opting for no more chemo if the odds are already at 90-95 % chance of beating this dread disease. She was fairly optimistic.

I am 3B and had a CPR as well after surgery but I have my third round in two days. Yes, the standard of care in the US is Adjuvant Chemotherapy for Stage 3. I'd assume that this is research-based practice but procedures are always changing so that researched-based practice is a moving target. I find the Adjuvant Chemo to be brutal myself.
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