Folfox question re: timeline & platletts

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Folfox question re: timeline & platletts

Postby AppleTree » Sun Jan 21, 2018 12:50 am

I have had 7 of 12 Folfox treatments. The last few times my platlets were low at the 2 week mark, so everything was rescheduled an extra week...out to 3 weeks.

Last Friday after 2 weeks my platlets were at 50. Sorta makes me wonder what they wete at the 1 week mark. I knew they must be low because I got covered in big bruises! There,was some talk of a blood transfusion and then my Dr said to just reschedule for the next Friday. I went Friday and my platlets were up to 80, but still not the needed 100. Dr is out on vacation all week so they scheduled me out for another week. That will make 4 weeks in between treatments.

I asked for something earlier in the week, but all the chemo chairs are full. I am wondering if I should call the oncologist on call and see if I can get in earlier? There is a whole 2nd side with lots of chairs, but they like me to stay on the side of my oncologist. I am just a bit antsy because my oncologist does not really like going 3 weeks since all the research is based on a 2 week schedule...and now I am being put off 4 weeks. And she is out and not aware of it.

Any thoughts?
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Re: Folfox question re: timeline & platletts

Postby CAGirl » Sun Jan 21, 2018 3:13 pm

Do you think your platelets are back up now? I never had to postpone, as I never had a problem with low platelets. I can say that IF the chair situation is the only reason you're having to wait those extra few days, I would ABSOLUTELY be a squeaky wheel and call to get in sooner. My chemo nurses were so good about accommodating me and my needs. I would think they would put you wherever they can to get your infusion as soon as possible. I know I wouldn't want to push it out four weeks. Advocate for yourself, especially in the absence of your oncologist.
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Re: Folfox question re: timeline & platletts

Postby mozart13 » Sun Jan 21, 2018 6:30 pm

I had few treatments delayed by week, low platlets, was quite happy to have extra week off, at the end didn’t make any difference for me.
Once was borderline, so my Oncologist ask me if I wanna stay or go, home was my answer, after that it wasn’t my dessicion to make, I suppose they new my answer.
If any thing, it means chemo is working.
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Tumor erased, CCR, negative mri, ct, scope, no evidence of cancer
W&W approach 8)
April 2017, folfox 8 rounds plus 2 rounds of xeloda
Sept.2017 CT , MRI negative

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