Female Pains AFTER radiation, No Doc will Listen...

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Re: Female Pains AFTER radiation, No Doc will Listen...

Postby etaylor22 » Sun Feb 18, 2018 9:50 pm

The pains did go away, but no one cared to figure out what that was. I am in an I hate everyone mood, and I haven't looked at further emails from my oncologist who said "I hope you're feeling better." I told her I was on an island. I said "You know what?, never mind. I see I am on my own here." AN now I'm looking for an asian doc who can make the stinky tea. How on earth am I supposed to trust her with my chemo if she can't investigate symptoms of UTI? Ans so what if it wasn't a UTI? It was certainly something - looking back it was probably the resibual of the frying of my ovaries - which when I flatly asked about menopause - I was told"These things rarely ever happen." Really? PElvic radiation. No menopause? I'm not stupid. I can open a medical journal.

Top it all off, at the last radiology appt, which actually went well - all those check boxes of symptoms...they are not symptoms that pertain to anything. They asked what kind of pain am I having? Stabbing, burning, dull??? But they don't ask where. My bum doesn't hurt. It really never did. Given rectal cancer, I guess that's awesome. Its everything else, everywhere. My bones, my muscles, my shoulder,my spine. My spine is numb from under my bra to my waist. I tell them I have a tingly numb sensation. They check the box, and we're done. They don't know if its in my bum or elsewhere. I don't understand.

I did not take antibiotice to make theese bladder strings pains go away, but they went away. Maybe it was the oscillo and the muscinex. I stopped coughing and they gradually faded three weeks after finishing radiation. This was the only thing that caused miserable pain on the last week. Other than the regular back sunburn and frying of the ovaries and such. I never feel that someone is on my side and believes me. Its always "Thats not a common side effect" or "that's not from my treatment". Yet we're supposed to report everything. Well, If I didn't have it before - its a side effect bro. ALL trust is gone.
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Re: Female Pains AFTER radiation, No Doc will Listen...

Postby Caat55 » Tue Feb 20, 2018 3:38 pm

I hear you. I feel your pain literally. My bum got all worked up again after surgery, it really wasn't 100% going in. I haven't worn pants, only briefly, since mid radiation.
Treat yourself well,
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