So scared. Cancer or hemorrhoids?

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So scared. Cancer or hemorrhoids?

Postby MeganCatheline » Thu Jan 11, 2018 6:33 pm

Hi Everyone,
I am so grateful to have found this forum.
I’ve had rectal pain and pressure on and off for a long time and never thought anything of it, but it has become persistent lately and even woke me up last night.
Then, this morning, I had a streak of bright red blood in my stool.
Coincidentally, I had a GI consult last week bc my dad had precancerous polyps and have a colonoscopy scheduled on 1/23. I called today to see if they can get me in sooner and they can not.
I’m 42, with 2 little boys who need their mama. I don’t know how I will stay sane until the 23rd.
Thanks for listening,

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Re: So scared. Cancer or hemorrhoids?

Postby Lee » Thu Jan 11, 2018 10:40 pm

Hi and welcome, Sorry for the reason you think you are here.

!st, your issued could be caused by "many" thing, cancer just being "one" possible (out of many). While it is hard, the 23rd in not that far off. I had to wait 3 month just to see a GI doc. Try to focus on other things between now and the 23rd.

For what it is worth, I had no pain, no symptoms. Just bleeding hemorrhoids. Every test that should have been a warning flag for cancer came back negative or normal. My PCP figured my bleeding hemorrhoids were my excuse for getting scoped early in life, my signature line tells the rest of my story. Many years prior to my diagnoses, my mom ended up in the Er with stomach pain and rectal bleeding. Colonoscopy was done, no cancer, not even one polyp, just a bad case of diverticulosis. Change in diet, problem solved.

More than likely you have hemorrhoids, butt it is ALWAYS best to get it checked out (scoped), because at the end of the day, anything you read on here is just speculation. That scope will give you a TRUE diagnoses if there is anything going on.

During the mean time, try not to worry. More than likely, it is not cancer.

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Re: So scared. Cancer or hemorrhoids?

Postby ocstacy » Fri Jan 12, 2018 2:16 am

Then, this morning, I had a streak of bright red blood in my stool.
Coincidentally, I had a GI consult last week bc my dad had precancerous polyps and have a colonoscopy scheduled on 1/23. I called today to see if they can get me in sooner and they can not.

Hi Megan!!

I too, had the same symptoms as you. I had major Hemmy's right before I gave birth to my 9 pd 5 oz girl (c-section) but i dev hemmy's because of pregnancy. So four years later after horrible hemmy's, pain, blood, pulsating pain to where I was crying myself to sleep cause I didn't have insurance at the time. My dr. prescribed me Tylenol with coating and proctozone cream. I was attending college full time (6 classes) and working two jobs (teaching and newborn doula) and life was crazy stressful. I was making good money, and studying my BUTT off to get good grades. I will NEVER forget that pain I felt! It was worst than child birth. I thought my hemmy was going to burst!! I had to carry this doughnut pillow with me everywhere I went. I had to lay down for a week cause I couldn't stand. I. had an ER Dr. stick his finger up my BUTT and I cried mercy. I could feel it pulsating.. it was SOOOO horrible!!!! Then I developed a horrible rash that turned into fungal. I know, so so horrible. Then again, caring for my mama during her radiation treatment was hard on her towards the end. She described it as "ice pick and needles" I felt so bad. The good news is that they melted cancer and were able to remove all of it during surgery -YAY! :mrgreen:

Fast forward to 2017, after fighting hard through Kaiser between two dr's, they finally approved my colonoscopy cause they heard the word "Blood" and heard the word "Rectal cancer" as my mother was diagnosed last May at Stage 3. They found a benign polyp on mine. I did the Propofol route. Best of luck! Prep is not that bad. I lost weight and pigged out after lol. I also ruined my mac lap top with the prep drink so don't type while drinking like I did. (solution got into keyboard) :(
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Me:1st Colonoscopy age 38. 08/17 Benign polp.

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Re: So scared. Cancer or hemorrhoids?

Postby Pemba » Fri Jan 12, 2018 5:03 am

I had a clear colonoscopy 4 months ago and I been having the same symptoms as you, even before my two scopys. I feel like the symptoms come and go like the wind, around four days ago I suddenly felt a stinging pain while pooping, after that I’ve had a feeling of pressure to my anal verge, like a really big fart that can come out :shock: Luckily the next days BM didn’t hurt but I’m i still feel swollen and itchy. I’ve given it a weeks time before I’ll call my doc.
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