Internal hemorrhoids bleed alot?

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Internal hemorrhoids bleed alot?

Postby AppleTree » Mon Jan 08, 2018 1:24 pm

I saw my GI DR in November for slight rectal bleeding along the side of my stool. I had just had a CT scan a few days earlier, he did not examine me based on the CT and to call him if there were any changes.

This weekend I had a lot of bleeding after bowel movement. Not streaks, but actual bright red streaks pouring out of me.

I called the GI DR 1st thing this morning. His secretary called back and said, based on my Nov CT he does not want to examine me but is calling in a hemorrhoid cream. I insisted on booking a follow up appointment and got the end of the month, so at least that is in place.

I see my oncologist on Friday and my primary DR next week, so I will bring it up with them. Not sure why GI DR is so reluctant to do a sig scope?

Anyone else have similar experience or thoughts?
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Re: Internal hemorrhoids bleed alot?

Postby chrisca » Mon Jan 08, 2018 3:01 pm

Rectal bleeding can happen after rectal resection, but lots of bright red blood is concerning. If hemorrhoid cream resolves it and symptoms don't return, that could be all it is. It shouldn't be much risk to try it and see if things resolve in a couple of weeks. But if they don't, get an exam, pronto. Those were my symptoms exactly. Don't go down my path. Ask for a colonoscopy, and find an endoscopist with a high "Adenoma Detection Rate." It could just be a hemorrhoid, but also could be a recurrence. Between 6 and 15% of colonoscopies are false negative, so if nothing is found but symptoms continue, ask for a repeat scope with a different doctor to get another set of eyes. My rectal tumor evaded detection the first time. It was much larger the second time and was found, but it was three years later. You've been through the wringer once, so if this is a tumor get it early to protect your quality of life.
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