One year today since colonoscopy

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One year today since colonoscopy

Postby Chickspeed » Thu Dec 14, 2017 4:55 am

It’s been 1 year to the day.

Dec 15 2016 : colonoscopy 5-6 cm growth discovered approximately 10 cm from anal verge.
Dec 29 2016: Double contrast ct scan showed no evidence of disease outside rectum
Jan 19 2017 : MRI shows T2 early T3 growth with 3 enlarged lymphnodes defined as T2/early T3 NX
Feb 15 2017: Met with radiation and medical oncologist to discuss chemoradiation
Feb 22 2017: CT scan to get tatoos for radiation treatments
Mar 6 2017: Off work to Start chemoradiation 1650mg xeloda twice a day on days of radiation treatments
April 7 2017: Last day of radiation back to work
June 20 2017: After a little more than 10 weeks of wait for radiation to continue working I go in for LAR surgery with temp ileostomy

Aug 16 2017: checkup with surgeon and review of pathology report (extrapolation of report it’s lengthy)

Pathology: All margins uninvolved, LVI not present, perineural invasion not present, tumour deposits not present. 0/10 lymph nodes involved.

YPTNM 1 microscopic invasion into submucosa only several malignant glands remain they are located in in the superficial submucosa.

Rectal lesion: Minimal residual well differentiated adenocarcinoma (less than 0.1 CM). Appears completely excised.

Aug 18 2016: Start 6 cycles of xeloda maintenance 2000mg twice a day
Sept 2 2017: surgeon clears me to return to work
Dec 14 2017: chemo completed

Side effects are mild hand and foot syndrome only.

I still have many years of monitoring and follow ups. I offer 2 of the most sound pieces of advice I can offer to anyone just beginning this journey. Frequent this site often, colorectal cancer survivors REALLY DO know their SH!T!!. AND I DON’T SAY THIS LIGHTLY STAY AWAY FROM DR GOOGLE IT’S INFORMATION IS DATED POOR AND MARGINALIZED.

I felt it would be helpful to lay out my timeline if your just starting this journey as I was 1 year ago today, you want everything to happen in a couple weeks, but i put my care in the hands of professionals and continue to do so. Their opinion was that it's a journey and be patient.

I am expecting ileostomy reversal surgery in mid march. and keeping my fingers crossed.

I just want to say that as I read about the journeys of others I deeply feel and partially understand what your going through. May god be with each and every one of you!!


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Re: One year today since colonoscopy

Postby susie0915 » Thu Dec 14, 2017 9:33 am

Feels so good to be done. It does consume your life for a year though. Enjoy your holidays.
58 yrs old Dx @ 55
5/15 DX T3N0MO/ 2A
6/15 5 wks chemo/rad
7/15 sigmoidoscopy/scar tissue left
8/15 Pet scan NED
9/15 LAR
0/24 nodes
10/15 Bowel blockage. surgery,early ileo rev, c-diff inf :(
12/15 6 rds of xelox
5/16 Clear CT lung scarring/inflammation
9/16 clear colonoscopy
4/17 CT 4mm lung nod onc feels scar tissue
7/17 no change lung nodule
10/17 Clear pel/abd CT
11/17 CEA<.5
1/18 CT/Lung no change in 4mm nodule or scarring/inflammation

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Re: One year today since colonoscopy

Postby Shana » Thu Dec 14, 2017 10:00 am

Congratulations on completing your treatment!

It's been a year for me since DX too but still ongoing so I know how consuming it is while you're undergoing surgery and chemo.

Best of luck to you, enjoy the holidays, you have definitely earned it!

DX - 12/16
MSS - KRAS wild
Stage IV CC with liver mets
5FU - Failed twice - 1/17 and 3/17
Irinotecan + Cetuximab: 8/17 - 2 wks on, 1 wk off to lessen side effects
CEA 12/17 - 37.8! CEA 1/17 - 33!
CT-Scan 9/1/17. Shrinkage of liver mets (4 measurable) and no bowel blockage
CT=Scan 12/1/17 Shrinkage of liver mets continue, no blockage

Removal of primary tumor and resection still on back burner. Have to be able to be OFF chemo one month prior and one month after surgery and evaluate benefit vs risk.

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