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Postby Caat55 » Thu Jun 14, 2018 9:45 am

What big decisions,. Does that pain decrease if you keep something in your stomach? I start rpund four today and am trying not to cool about it. I have similar problem to yours but not the severe pain just nausea and odd lump in my chest. The Gummi Cares, 30 mg CBD helped. I just took first dose of Xeloda half hour ago and already have the lump in chest again. So it goes.
I eidh we had better answets. I
Doesnt Folfox still include xeloda?
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Port 3/1/2018
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Postby retiredteacher » Thu Jun 14, 2018 10:44 am

FOlfox is the infusion 5FU- plus the Oxi. CAPEOX or XELOX is supposed to be tolerated well - but some people more likely to have some kind of gut problems ... they say gut problems more associated with the pill - makes sense. The pain is independent of feeding schedule - I tend to graze all day to keep down the nausea. Thank you for the thoughts Susan and Susie - seems there are no clear answers.
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CEA 0.5 Oct. 2017, Jan. 2018
MRI Feb. 2018 for Presurgical staging yT2 N0 12 cm from AV 0.3 cm in size
LAR Feb 20 yT1N0M0 0/21 G1
CAPEOX starting March 2018, oxi and cap reduced to 80% at cycle 3

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