Nocturnal Urgency

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Nocturnal Urgency

Postby jrfranks@USA.NET » Sun Dec 03, 2017 6:31 pm

I am 10 months post ileostomy revision, after a 30cm low colon resection 1 year ago. I still struggle with frequent small urgent BMs, especially at night, but much better than 9-10 months ago. I have found that a tablespoon of psyllium in water (yuck!) each morning has really helped in firming up my stools. Lomotil and Imodium didn’t help me sleep though the night. My surgeon has said that my symptoms may continue to improve as my colon accommodates over the first 2 years. Any idea how I can affect the timing of my urgent BMs?

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Re: Nocturnal Urgency

Postby veckon » Sun Dec 03, 2017 8:22 pm

Are you on treatment? Chemotherapy or immunotherapy?
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Re: Nocturnal Urgency

Postby CRguy » Sun Dec 03, 2017 8:34 pm

jrfranks@USA.NET wrote:Any idea how I can affect the timing of my urgent BMs?

Try the psyllium late afternoon or evening instead ??? or morning and night ??? play with the timing and doses ???
Change eating times / amounts / items etc. and keep a food diary for a few weeks to see what causes what ... kind of thing.

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AND as a friend here, I would strongly suggest that you change your username so it is not your email !
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