Colonoscopy with sigmoid thickening

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Colonoscopy with sigmoid thickening

Postby Tiggitop » Fri Dec 01, 2017 5:11 pm

Hi has anyone had a colonoscopy with DD in sigmoid area with small area of thickened wall?
I had my colonoscopy yesterday ( had a previous one two years ago) I had sedation two years ago and although uncomfortable all went well.
Yesterday was a totally different ball game, I had sedation again, nice and relaxed and within 15-20 seconds I was screaming in agony, crying, had to also have gas and air, it seem like it went on for ages, I even asked the consultant to stop, but he didn’t, and then the pain went and he did the rest of the colonoscopy, until he started to take the scope out through the area of the thickened sigmoid.
On the report he wrote DD in sigmoid only with small area of thickened wall, making it extremely painful to scope me.
There where some what looked like different skin changes in this area, the nurse asked was he going to take a sample, he said no, she’s having a CT scan tomorrow. Could this be cancer or due to chronic diverticula disease and has anyone else experienced this please.
I’m scared to death it’s a tumour
Thanks in advance

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