Ground Glass Lung Nodules

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Ground Glass Lung Nodules

Postby mypinkheaven » Fri Dec 01, 2017 1:21 pm

I have up to 20 lung mets and am on maintenance chemo of 5FU + Erbitux. On my last CT scan, the report stated a few new ground glass nodules. I did a search of Colon Talk and there are a few posts on ground glass nodules - all of which disappeared after a few months. A Google search says that the nodules may turn into mets.

Anyone else have any of these ground glass nodules along with mets?
MSS, KRAS Wild NRAS Mutated
9/2012 CRC IIB Lft Colectomy 0 lymph nodes 0 Chemo
10/2013 CT clear
11/15 CEA 2.7 to 4.6
11/15 Spread to uterus. Hysterectomy
2/16 Pelvic radiation 25, brachytherapy 3
4/16 - 6/16 Xeloda
6/16 CT Several lung nodules 5 mm
8/16 CT Nodules still present. Most stable. Some growth
11/16 Transfer to UCSD Moores
12/16 Folfox + Avastin failed
2/17 Folfiri + Erbitux
8/17 5FU+Erbitux No 5FU bolus
7/18 Spread to vagina
6/18 Folfiri + Avastin + Trametinib
6/18 CEA dropping

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