High CEA's anyone go NED?

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High CEA's anyone go NED?

Postby Rikimaroo » Thu Nov 30, 2017 5:31 pm

So you might of seen my post but my CEA is 500 right now and I am trying not to think to much of it. I did W&W approach starting May 2017 after chemorad killed the tumor and did 3 month scopes and MRI. All clear each time until November when it came back. My CEA was 6.5 when I last checked in April 2017 and didn't check after that, this is my fault. I honestly thought I was smooth sailing and cured...Anyways CEA is now 500 and I am worried of spread.

I have CT/Pet Scan scheduled next week Tuesday/Wednesday. Waiting for MRI results which I did yesterday. I am trying to stay positive and strong and not worry. Reading all your stories has helped.

My questions is anyone with high CEA that didn't have spread and just needed there initial surgery (LAR) and is now ned?
MSS - NRAS Mutation
Chemo Rad, CCR - W&W 5/2017
Recurrence 11/2017
CT Scan 11/2017 Liver Met 5.5cm Stable, Stage IV
Port Scheduled for 12/2017, folfox - avastin 12/2017
Blood Clot in Neck 1/2018, stop avastin, continue FolFox
LAR/Liver Resect 4/2018
Chemo Finish 8/2018
Reversal 10/18
CEA - 12/16 26.1, 1/17 32.2, 3/17 6.6, 11/17 500.5, 12/17 638.5, 1/3/18 424.8, 1/16/18 163.5, 1/31/18 62.2, 2/18 21.1, 3/18 14, 4/18 .8, 10/18 1.2, 12/18 3.2, 2/8 11.4, 3/6 22

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